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Google flexes muscle with Chrome

Didn’t Google just dump a bunch of money at the front door of Mozilla a few months ago? Does this move seem counter productive?

“Google says that its new browser will move the web forward and provide a stronger platform for emerging web standards.” (link)

It seems like Google managed to keep the wraps on this project. I don’t recall reading any buzz over an upcoming browser. Although the explanatory cartoon is very in depth and interesting (I got bored after page 30). Before I make any judgments I will have to give it a try. Despite my ingrained comfort with Firefox I gotta try new Google stuff. They put a lot of effort into it and I’m sure they will win many Firefox, and Internet Explorer, users over. With so many free Google apps the seemless integration with their browser will convert users just with simplicity. Any complaints so far?

IE8 beta released, still sucks

Microsoft Corp. gave early testers their first glimpse of its next-generation web browser Wednesday and said Internet Explorer 8 will adhere to the same standards as competitors’ programs.Microsoft’s browsers, including the current Internet Explorer 7, gained notoriety among web developers for handling web code differently than Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox, Apple Inc.’s Safari, the now-defunct Netscape Navigator and others.

For the most part, major non-Microsoft browsers and outside developers who built web pages worked with agreed-upon technical standards, while Microsoft was accused of adding proprietary code to those standards. The result: web pages that looked good in Internet Explorer but broke on other browsers, or vice versa. (link)

Apple throttling non-Apple software, unfortunate biproduct

Some of you may have noticed that the Firefox 3 nightly builds have felt a lot snappier since a few weeks ago. There’s an interesting story in that, one that I finally have time to write up. We’ve had a number of bugs on the Mac where people were complaining of bad performance compared to Firefox 2, usually involving a test where a page was scrolled by a small step 100 or so times, and the time from start to finish was recorded. In many of these tests, Fx3 was coming in at 50% to 500%+ slower. This was odd, because in theory the graphics layer (which is what scrolling is mostly exercising) in Firefox 3 should be faster, given that it’s talking almost directly to Quartz.

Slashdot seems to have picked up on this, and in typical style, has completely misunderstood the post. To be clear, I do not think that Apple is in any way trying to purposely “cripple” non-Apple software. I also do not think that undocumented APIs give Safari any kind of “significant performance advantage” (as Firefox 3 should show!). However, as I said, the undocumented functionality could be useful for Firefox and other apps to implement things in an simpler (and potentially more efficient) manner. I don’t think this is malicious, it’s just an unfortunate cutting of corners that is way too easy for a company that’s not fully open to do.(link)

AOL to end support for … something called “Netscape”

Netscape’s long and storied history as a web browser will come to an end on March 1, as AOL has officially set a date for the browser’s demise. AOL originally put Netscape on death row at the end of 2007, when it announced that it would be ending support for the venerable application.

Even though users can still download Netscape 9, AOL will no longer provide any support at all for the browser. That includes security patches and bug fixes, too. AOL recommends fans of Netscape turn to Firefox, and if they’re especially nostalgic for the Netscape look and feel, install the Netscape theme and extensions for the popular open-source browser.

I can’t help but feel a small pang at the passing of Netscape. My first experience surfing the ‘Net came courtesy of Mosaic in mid-1994, and I was a dedicated Netscape user for much of the remainder of the 1990s. At one time, Netscape was the web browser and it wasn’t until the ascendancy of Internet Explorer later in the decade that Netscape fell out of favor with most surfers. (link)

Mozilla confirms security flaw

A visited attacking page is able to load images, scripts, or stylesheets from known locations on the disk. Attackers may use this method to detect the presence of files which may give an attacker information about which applications are installed. This information may be used to profile the system for a different kind of attack.


Firefox 3 beta 2 released

Mozilla has announced the official release of Firefox 3 beta 2, the tenth major developer milestone in the Firefox 3 development timeline. The new beta, which is available for download from Mozilla’s web site, includes interface improvements and a lot of extra polish.

Mozilla’s quality standards for betas require that all of the planned features be fully implemented and robust enough for daily browsing by a large number of people. That standard was fulfilled last month by the Milestone 9 release, which was the first to bear the beta designation. Additional betas will be released on a consistent basis until all of the implemented features are finalized and performance matches or exceeds that of Firefox. At that point, Mozilla will transition to release candidates to resolve last-minute regressions before the official release. (link)

Mozilla expands in China

Mozilla Online, the Chinese subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation, has announced (English translation) a deal with Chinese search engine giant Baidu. The deal guarantees that access to the Baidu search engine will continue to be made available in all Chinese editions of Firefox directly through the browser’s built-in search interface. The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Baidu has been included in the list of search plug-ins installed with Chinese editions of Firefox since the release of Firefox 2 (if not earlier) but this is the first time that a formal partnership has existed between the search company and Mozilla. (story)

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