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Real High Speed

Videotron has launched their high speed Internet service, and it’s really fast. While a 10 megabit connection might be considered fast, this company has gone a few steps farther. Offering 120 Mbits/s for a low low price of … $160 a month. Yowza! Depending on what data cap you choose the price can go up to $230. Download those torrent movies in a few minutes rather than a few hours. I suspect they are targeting a niche market but I’m sure there will be a few small companies willing to try them out. (link)

Canadian Internet News

Looks like Internet wholesalers will have to play on an even playing field with their resellers. Traditionally companies like Bell or Rogers have throttled or providers slower download speeds to their resellers to maintain an advantage but the jig is up. The CRTC has ruled that they must provide the same speed for the services they provide to their resellers. As well they will only be able to charge a maximum of 10% markup. This is big victory for smaller companies like Teksavvy and others who have been battling the bigger companies. Get ready for more competitive Internet pricing plans. Yahoo

In other Canadian Internet news Bell and Bell Aliant will be teaming up to monopolize the rural market. In Ontario they are planning on building a high speed network to offer faster Internet speeds to those outside of major metropolitan areas. The project is estimated to cost $170 million over 2 or 3 years. This is good news for rural areas and desperate farmers who have been stuck with dial up service. Enjoy the animal porn in glorious high speed! Yahoo

Internet > TV

I’m sure there’s a general consensus that the Internet is better than television. At least now in Canada there’s numbers to back it up. According to the report Canadians on average spend 18 hours online and a mere 17 hours watching tv. OK, so it’s not a landslide victory but it’s a bit of a reality check. Shifting trends and changing social behavior it seems has changed rapidly. We’re seeing a convergence of media forms and social and entertainment activities. But if you’re like me, you split your time between screens and multitask. Watch tv AND play on the Internet at the SAME time.

Maybe they’re on to something

I don’t know when it started but it but it’s a regular occurrence at my household. Sitting in front of the television with my netbook on my lap splitting my attention between the 2 screens and occasionally checking my phone. Apparently I’m not the only one. 60% of you are also doing the exact same thing. It can be quite handy to have the Internet at the ready when something interesting pops up on tv and you have the urge to check it out before you lose interest.

Is this the future of the consumer? Short term attention span, I mean really short term. So many things screaming for our attention and dollars that we will have our pick of entertainment by the second. Turner Sports might be on to something here. They will be offering multi platform coverage of sporting events integration of twitter, live streaming video, chat, and even mobile. Basically whenever and wherever you are, Turner Sports wants you to check out their content on the platform available to you.

I think I’m going to need more bandwidth.

Control the pipes, control the world

2010 hopefully will yield fancy new technologies to put me further into dept however the upcoming year may be a year on content control. A couple of countries so far are attempting to modify their population’s behavior by controlling the data they have access to on the Internet.

China has heavily censored information available to their tech savvy republic however recent attempts have been more heavy handed. In a pornography crackdown approximately 5,394 were arrested however the report did not say how many were eventually charged. Perhaps some *ahem favors were performed to get out of jail? Or maybe some “hands were greased”? Sounds like some drum “beating” by the communists. Good luck at trying to control your 360 million Internet users.

Close on the heels of China is … Australia (really?). A controversial Internet filter is set to go ahead despite the many complaints of the masses. So much for free speech. Surprisingly Australia is trying to do the same thing as China within a democracy. Hmm, what do you think the odds of success will be?

The new year may come down to content censorship, depending on where you live. It will surely test the boundaries of morals, free speech, religion, and government. Limits of tolerance will be stretched and re-aligned. We might be seeing the creation of a new Internet: the clean and dirty version. Sign me up for the dirty version please!

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