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Ipods killing us?

How often have you mindlessly walked out into traffic while listening to your ipod and fiddling with the menus? Well it seems to be a big enough of a problem in the land down under. In Australia the iPod is being partly blamed for the rise in pedestrian deaths. Distracted pedestrians who end up causing accidents are liable for fines and possibly jail time. The Australian government is looking into legislating the problem.

One Trick Pony?

Apple stock has hit a new high … again. Sales are up, Macs are showing up in more homes than ever, iPhones are everywhere, and things are super fantastic in Apple land. Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves here. While stock owners are smiling ear to ear, analysts are a little more critical. Has Apple become a one trick pony? Sure, Macs and Macbooks are being bought up by consumers but overall Macs makeup a small percentage of overall computer sales. The bulk of the revenue is coming from iPhones. How many more iPhones can Apple continue to sell? Eventually the market will become saturated and increased competition from Android phones will only bring down the Apple train.

Another concerning factor was the less than spectacular sales numbers of iPods. An 8% drop from the previous year. Quite a significant drop. Despite being the clear leader in portable media device less people are buying iPods. For a while Apple’s newer versions brought something new to the table but the latest iPods seems to have stalled in the innovation department.

Bottom line, sales numbers are up. That’s good but Apple engineers hopefully are working on the next big thing to give shareholders something to look forward to.

iPods with cameras worth buying? Yes.

Despite my distaste for Apple products I still own an iPod Nano first generation mp3 player. Not because it’s the cool thing to do but because it simply does the best job when it comes to playing, sorting, displaying my music files. I’ve played around with the SanDisk music players, Samsung Yepp (or Yapp, whatever), Archos, and yes even the Zune (which BTW is equally annoying with the Windows Media player tie in). ITunes has to be one of the biggest factors why I don’t like updating my music list.

However all ranting aside, the ipod is the best. My 2GB first generation is still chugging along. The second generation model tempted me, the third no so much, the fourth I almost pulled the trigger several times and now here we are. 5 generations of iPod nano’s later and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist buying another one. An iPod with a camera just makes sense. One could argue why not just buy an iPhone and be done with it. 2 words my friend, data plan. I’m not warm to the idea of spending an extra $25 a month for mobile surfing. If only Rogers wireless could only get better phones then I could be a happy owner of an HTC Hero but I digress.

Apple iPod nano generation 5 with a camera + photos + music + fun times = worth the buy. Darn you Steve Jobs! You’ve tempted me yet again with your irresistible trendy gadgets. Let’s hope it doesn’t explode or catch fire.

New Zune is great but is it already too late?

Looks like Microsoft has fine tuned the latest Zune (review) offering and has produced a great mp3 player, but is it too late? The MP3 war is over. Apple and SanDisk have been battling for mp3 device dominance for awhile now. The Zune got into the game late but made very little splash. iPods are everywhere. The Zune may be a great device but consumers have already made too many ties to their beloved iPods.

Switching to a Zune would involve buying new accessories (case, car FM tuner, docking station etc), and adjusting to new software to upload music and buy music (itunes has firmly encompassed this market). Also consider your existing library. Are you going to be able to transfer those downloaded tunes?

Apple has put its roots into most consumers and supplanting them is almost impossible. Apple had the right idea. Get your device on the market and into everyone’s hands. Once everyone has it you can be almost guaranteed a revenue stream for life. Just take a look at their plans for the iPhone. Make your product the norm and then count your money.

So yes, it’s too late Microsoft. Nice product but a few years too late.

Cowon brings the hotness with the S9 PMP

Cowon keeps getting better and better. The S9 brings the sleek, hot design with the expensive look and functionality of a PMP. Just depends on the price. If Cowon continues it’s aggressive pricing strategy the S9 should blow the next gen iPod out of the water.

Cowon S9

Cowon S9

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