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LaCie on board with bigger drives

LaCie has upgraded their d2 external storage with some bigger drives. 4 TB? Try 6 terabytes. Thanks to Western Digital and their latest drives. Claiming to be the fastest 2 drive RAID on the market we can only assume for the time being. Supporting USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 hit up the LaCie website for more.

Need More Storage?

LaCie knows what you’re thinking, “I need more, faster storage”. Here’s your answer. Up to 4 TB of RAID storage in a LaCie external casing, but that’s not all. Instead of the boring (and slow) USB 2.0, this one’s got a fresh USB 3.0 interface for fast and speedy data transfer. Approx 205 MB per second transfer rate, now that’s fast. Configurable for RAID 0 or RAID 1 for added data protection. It’s got a 3 year warranty by the way. Added heat sink to keep things cool but I’d prefer to see something with a fan in my opinion. Prices start at $350.

Fast and Small Storage

Looks like this USB 3.0 thing could be catching on. LaCie has been the first to claim the world’s smallest mobile and desktop USB 3.0 storage devices. Dubbed “Rikiki” and “Minimus” the portable drives will be available in 500GB and 1TB flavors. Their size and design should attract enough buyers willing to pay the premium price. Mac and PC compatible. Get your credit card ready.

Gadget: LaCie MosKeyto

Continuing in the naming tradition of “key” LaCie introduces you to the MosKeyto. However this is not the buzzing annoying variety. This tiny USB storage device is for those computers or laptops that just need a bit of extra storage space. Plug it in and you will hardly notice it. 4GB for $18 and 8GB for $28. Judging by the design the only thing that might be annoying about it will be trying to unplug it from your computer.

My itsakey is jealous.

Rugged and Secure

You can never be too safe … or can you? LaCie has a new rugged safe external drive ready for those who need the extra protection. Shock proof shell designed by Neil Poulton not good enough for you? How about 128 bit encryption secured by biometrics? Comes in shiny silver and black in two flavors: 500 GB ($190) and 1 TB ($300). Go ahead, take that rugged hard drive mountain climbing with you, at least one of you should survive the fall.

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