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Laptop to TV

Now this is something I might buy. Being able to beam a video from my laptop to my tv wirelessly would definitely be handy. The nice thing about the Veebeam is simplicity. USB dongle, receiver, and go. No cables or software, nice. $100 for the standard definition, $140 for the HD version. Mac compatible.

Toshiba laptop recall

If you have a Toshiba laptop you might want to check to see if you’re affected by this recall. 41,000 have faulty power adapters which may catch fire due to overheating. There have been 129 reported cases but no injuries.
The affected models are:
Satellite T135
Satellite T135D
Satellite ProT130

PC Magazine

HP refreshes laptop lineup

HP has been putting extra time in the design room. Anything look familiar? The latest HP laptops have a distinct “appley” type of feel to them. I guess if you can’t beat them you might as well trick customers into buying something that looks like one.

The HP Envy is getting a screen upgrade. Gone is the 13″ and the 14″ and 17″ are ushered in. Top end models are equipped with an Intel i7 and ATI Radeon 5850 and at least 1TB of data storage. The video card alone might be enough to get some gamers to switch brand loyalties. Expect to pay top dollar, prices start at $1,400 for the 17″ model. Time to get a Mac -er an HP laptop.

The HP Pavilion dv6 lineup gets some changes too. A touchscreen. 15.6″ screen, lower end models equipped with AMD cpus while everyone else who’s willing to spend more money get the Intel goodness. Aluminum finish, fingerprint swiper, blah blah blah, go visit HP’s site if you’re really interested.

Bigger Laptop Storage On the Way by Toshiba

Who needs more storage on their laptop? Raise your hands. Thanks to Toshiba you’ll soon be able to keep all of your porn on that laptop drive, rather than having to resort to an external storage. 2 platters worth of 750GB and 1 TB goodness, spinning at 5,400 RPM. Also supposedly more energy efficient to boot. Checkout Toshiba‘s site.

Here we go again …

Who’s got the bigger … notebook hard drive? I guess Western Digital has beaten the others to the punch. Enter 1 TB of storage goodness in a 2.5″ platform. Whaaat?! I’m still using a lowly 500GB in my desktop beast an now WD has come out with something even larger for my notebook? Perhaps it IS time to upgrade. I’ve barely filled up half of my 80GB laptop hard drive and along comes something to tempt my wallet. Shame on WD for trying to put me in the poor house with their lineup of storage solutions! I guess the only thing left is to wait for Seagate to come out with their version … and run out and buy it. 😉

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