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Logitech V550 mini mouse, clip and go

Having to carry around an extra mouse is dumb. If you have a laptop and travel the less you have to carry around the better. I hate those mini mice. They drive me up the wall. Not big enough and not small enough to easily carry around. Adding a little clip isn’t going to make it easier. Maybe easier to lose but definitely not easing laptop computing.

“Logitech research revealed that the vast majority of people who use a notebook PC are mobile both within and outside the home,” said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president and general manager of the Control Devices business unit. “To meet the demands associated with increased mobility, the V550 mouse offers a complete set of features to make it easier to use a mouse with a notebook when moving from the kitchen to the living room or from one’s desk to a meeting. Now, you won’t have to choose between grabbing your mouse or a cup of coffee.” (link)

Holographic storage?

Even since astronaut Dave Bowman disconnected the HAL 9000’s holographic memory in 2001: A Space Odyssey techies have been wondering when we could buy real holographic storage. Now we know: May, 2008.

Promising super-high density and excellent media flaw resistance, holographic storage has been an ever-receeding technology for years. You can buy nifty 3D skull and crossbones holograms – technically a form of storage – but no one had figured out how to turn a lab project into a product. Until now.

How does it work?
Holograms use 2 coherent laser beams – a reference beam and an illumination beam – to create an interference pattern that is recorded on photo sensitive media. Shine a laser on the recorded interference pattern and the original image is reconstructed in glorious 3D. As the laser moves around – or you do – you see the image from different perspectives. (ZDNet)

gadget: lightsaber laser pointers

I have no idea why these haven’t been available years ago. Just don’t make the sounds while you’re doing your presentation. It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye … or an arm. (link)

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