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Now There’s a Good reason to buy the WD Elite

Let’s face it, who needs extra connections? Blah. The electronic display on new WD external elite models are reason enough to spend the extra money on these drives. Other than the flashy “elite” name there are some useful options with it. The label helps distinguish which drive contain what data, plus gives you a rough estimate of how space is available. Things that are the same: shape, automatic backup software, hardware based encryption, warranty, and Western Digital’s green technology.

USB 2.0? Come on already. Hello? USB 3.0? Heck even eSATA would be appreciated. If I’m paying a premium for the brand name it should have firewire. FYI Mac users will need to reformat the drive to work optimally with their hardware. FAT32 just doesn’t cut it. A nice aluminum or metal casing would look fantastic, albeit more expensive, would probably do wonders for the failure rate. Plastic is not great when it comes to heat dissipation.

Hmm, I wonder how much a label machine costs? I’m always mixing up my music and porn drives…

Sensacell LED floor for your disco

As part of the 2008 World Expo, interactive floor designer Sensacell has built a 250 square foot installation from 1000 of their LED panels. Covered in strong, architectural glass, the floor responds to pressure by lighting up. And while that alone doesn’t sound all that exciting, the system tracks the pressure over time, allowing users to create a transient series of footprints that, I dunno, looks all futuristic…like the Sahara in the year 2832 when man has used all the sand to make those bottled sculptures you see at the mall. (link)

Dentists go hi-tech

Ever wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like? For those who missed out on dental school or are just purely curious about which teeth that piece of spinach is stuck between, ChinaVision will soon be selling a wireless dental camera for consumer use.

While it’s not the first dental camera Crave has highlighted, the wireless capability and a promised cheaper price is worth noting.

The device has a 1.3-megapixel camera for video or still shots and a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can connect with a TV or computer to transmit the toothy images to friends and potential suitors. Six built-in LEDs will light up the mouth for better viewing of plaque. (link)

USB LED speaker tube thingy

Who needs another USB LED speaker for their iPod? USB powered and (this is the best feature) it glows a creepy blue light. Perfect for those EMO raves you secretly love to attend on the weekend. Standard 3.5mm connection, blah, blah, blah. Are you really gonna buy this? The site’s an ‘.HK’ domain, yeah like I’m gonna hand over my credit card to this site!

Cell phone with built in projector but do you really need it?

While we’ve been watching the development of pico-projectors with interest, Chinese company Cking has gone ahead and built what may be the first production phone with a projector built in.

From the photos of the phone at the Tianjin Mobile Phone exhibition you can see it’s a chunky candybar with the pico-projector beneath a lens on the top end. Apparently it’s a 640 x 480 resolution projector with manual focus, a picture size up to 30-inches and the battery can give it about two hours of projection time. The LED light source must generate a fair whack of heat, since the phone is punched full of holes at the projector end, presumably so that it doesn’t collapse into a molten heap of parts. (link)

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