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One Trick Pony?

Apple stock has hit a new high … again. Sales are up, Macs are showing up in more homes than ever, iPhones are everywhere, and things are super fantastic in Apple land. Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves here. While stock owners are smiling ear to ear, analysts are a little more critical. Has Apple become a one trick pony? Sure, Macs and Macbooks are being bought up by consumers but overall Macs makeup a small percentage of overall computer sales. The bulk of the revenue is coming from iPhones. How many more iPhones can Apple continue to sell? Eventually the market will become saturated and increased competition from Android phones will only bring down the Apple train.

Another concerning factor was the less than spectacular sales numbers of iPods. An 8% drop from the previous year. Quite a significant drop. Despite being the clear leader in portable media device less people are buying iPods. For a while Apple’s newer versions brought something new to the table but the latest iPods seems to have stalled in the innovation department.

Bottom line, sales numbers are up. That’s good but Apple engineers hopefully are working on the next big thing to give shareholders something to look forward to.

New MacBooks having quality issues?

Apple has always been on the forefront of quality and design. The lineup of MacBooks might be one of those products that’s 50% there. Users have been reporting issues with the Nvidia graphics chipset. The shoddy soldering job done by the chip supplier has caused some MacBooks to fail when systems get hot. But I’m wondering why these problems aren’t creeping up in PC manufacturer notebooks? Is this a problem for the chipsets designed and shipped for Apple’s products only? How much testing was actually done to ensure quality products were produced. Hopefully this is just a small percentage (bad batch) of MacBooks affected.

Also if you’re upgrading the ram in your MacBook you might want to read this. Going to 4GB of ram might not go as smoothly as you thought.

Since when does “fruit” get sick?

A bit of a security kerfuffle has erupted over a recent posting and then removal of anti virus suggestions on the Apple website. Could it be? Apple admitting that their cute little MacBooks and iMacs are susceptible to the same virus and malware issues that affect PC’s? (I’m sure collectively Mac users smugness swept across the universe) You’re right, it was a good idea to remove it, however doubt has already set in. So yes, it was a good idea to be proactive and get Mac users on the security bandwagon but a lot of questions were raised. Why now? Is there some major worm going around targeting Mac OSX? And then why remove the page from the knowledge base the next day? ZOMG Macs CAN get infected.

(panic has already started) Maybe Steve Jobs is in cahoots with McAfee and Symantec in an effort to drum up software sales. Didn’t they just launch a new Mac OSX version last month? Hmm. Could it be that “Macs don’t get viruses” has been a catchy slogan that has been flawed right from the start? It was silly to think any computer was 100% immune. Hopefully this will end some of those annoying Mac/PC commercials.

New MacBooks enough to get you switch?

Apple’s rolled out a new Macbook lineup sure to get fanboys drooling. Is it enough to get you to switch? Coming from a PC background it’s a step in the right direction. I’m liking the move to the nvidia graphics card and the movement on the price point (still a bit pricey but more attractive). In terms of features, nothing stands out. It’s an updated looking new shell. The touchpad seems to be a little funky buttonless gadget. It will be interesting how that plays out. At first glance the keyboard on the Macbook pro seems small but perhaps that just relative compared to the overall width of the laptop. Honestly it looks like a Toshiba notebook. The Macbook air has gotten some minor changes to appease the user. The 24″ cinema displays look absolutely beautiful. Nothing groundbreaking here but judging by the number of Apple posts you’d be fooled. I think I’ll hold out a bit longer until my 2G iPod dies before I visit the Apple store.

Netbooks: why Apple won’t make one

Asus started the ball rolling with the Eee PC. Little did they know they had a hit on their hands. Competitors started rolling out netbooks left and right. Acer, MSI, at first then more main stream brands like Dell, Toshiba, IBM, and LG. Each with similarly priced configurations all jostling for the netbook market. It didn’t take long for the brand name companies to produce a competing device so why is one name noticeably absent? Why hasn’t Apple come out with it’s own netbook?

Apple certainly has the manpower and technology but do they want to make a netbook? The price is an issue because a stripped down Mac isn’t the kind of product Apple is interested in selling. One has to wonder as well if Apple could produce a MacBook for that price point given the demands on the OS, itunes, ilife, iphoto, “isoftware” (because you can’t have a Mac without the software). However it can be done. As well an Apple netbook would compete with it’s existing MacBook Air, which already has been a disappointment.

Perhaps Apple knows that the price point will force notebook pricing down which will hurt profits. Prior to the netbook the cheapest laptop you could buy might have been $800. The surge in netbook sales have put pressure on the pricing and now a $500 laptop is commonplace ($400 on sale). $300 netbook vs $500 notebook, which would you buy?

A Mac netbook is well within the realm of possibility for Apple but not likely. We will just have to wait and see if Apple is willing to make one.

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