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81 year finds pootie tang online

Ever try online dating? I’m sure you’ve seen those sultry models giving you the “sexy look” from various flash ads. No matter what site you go to, they seem to find their way on to your screen. But do you risk clicking on the image? Possibly install a virus, malware, or worse. However this story proves there’s hope for us … -er YOU lacking in social skills.

Seriously if an 81 year Chinese man can find pootie tang online, I’m sure anyone can. A few things to be aware of. You aren’t going to hit a home run on the first try. Pictures will get more attention. Don’t give out specific personal information (home address, security number, mother’s maiden name, etc.) and if you’re really serious about giving this a try, just be honest. Pretending to be someone else won’t get you any hot dates.


Canadian military wants “Ironman” suits

Iron Man Canuck may be appearing soon at a theatre near you.

The Defence Department posted a contract tender Monday asking companies for proposals for high-tech body suits that could help Canadian soldiers carry bigger loads into battle.

“One of the key challenges faced by soldiers today is the large weight they must carry,” says the notice.

Soldiers have been beasts of burden since the early days of the Roman legions, when the legionaries fighting under Gaius Marius laughingly called themselves Marius’s mules.

Soldiers in the field today regularly tote loads of 45 kilograms, including water, rations and ammunition. (link)

HA! The software says you’re ugly, I told ya so!

Most people can tell you if the person they are looking at is attractive, but they can’t tell you why they think so. Now, a Tel Aviv University student has developed software to crack the age-old problem of identifying facial features that would be considered beautiful by most people.

“Until now, computers have been taught to identify basic facial characteristics – like is this a woman’s face or a man’s,” explains Amit Kagian, who developed the program for his master’s thesis in computer science.

“Our software allows the computer to complete a much more complex task of esthetic judgment, which humans cannot define exactly how they do it. Esthetic judgment is linked to sentiment and more abstract considerations, but now we have made the computer do it. This constitutes a substantial advance in the development of artificial intelligence.” (link)

Cell phone explodes, kills man

In the first such case in Korea, a 33-year-old man was found dead on Wednesday, presumably killed by a cell phone battery explosion, police said. The cell phone was the product of a LG Electronics.

Is it even possible for this to happen? Just think of the mechanics required for an exploding phone to cause enough tissue damage to kill a person. Maybe if held up to your eye (easy access to your brain) and it exploded they maybe but which part would be forced into your brain and would the batter provide enough force to push through all of the electronics to do so? Seems a little fishy to me.

The man, identified only by his family name, Sur, was found dead by his coworkers at a quarry in North Chungcheong Province where he was employed as a shovel operator, according to the police. (link)

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