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Death knell for print media

27 years in the biz and Ziff Davis has decided to cut their losses and stop issuing the print version of PC Magazine. As Internet advertising supplants other forms of media advertising more and more magazines will be forced to take this route. This isn’t to say that print media won’t have a place in the world’s future. However certain forms of print media will have to change to survive.

If your readers can get the same content on your website that you offer in your print edition, what’s stopping them from canceling their subscription. Unless you’re offering unique content, people are gonna take the free version, even if it is watered down. As well hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers or other online content producers are making that same or similar information available. Seems pretty gloomy for the traditional magazine.

That being said, nothing can replace the experience of a magazine, paperback, or hardcover book. Sure the content may be available in electronic format but there’s more to the act of absorbing information. I subscribe to feeds, I’m clicking on CNN, I watch YouTube videos but I still take time to read a newspaper. It’s one of the few times during the day that I unplug and yet still enjoy “content”. I don’t spend as much on magazines as I used to but it certainly won’t be an easy road ahead for them. I think I’ll go to Chapters after work.

Western Digital finds another use for the MyBook shell

If you’re like me, you have an extensive media library. Music, movies, tv shows, photos, and more. Sometimes integrating that library into your entertainment system can be a hassle. It looks like Western Digital did a stealthy release with the WD HD TV media player. The concept isn’t a new one. Basically a hard drive in an enclosure with video out options. The WD version comes with an interface and of course the standard MyBook classy looking case. Same old case but with some new connections. I guess when you have a nice formula you just add features to it. HD support, zooming, slideshow creation feature, USB expandability for more of your stuff. Nice gadget for home users transitioning their library to the digital format.

So when is Seagate releasing their version?
(review here)

Memorex makes external drives?

Memorex, the leading brand of optical media at U.S. retail and a portfolio brand of Imation Corp, today introduces the Essential TravelDrive(TM), the latest addition to its award-winning line of portable storage devices. The USB-based product features 2.5-inch hard drive technology, which delivers up to 320 GB of capacity, is available in several vibrant colors and easily fits into a pocketbook or purse.

With capacities of 160, 250 and 320 GBs respectively, the Essential TravelDrive portable hard drive provides users convenient, portable sharing and safeguarding of precious data, including photos, videos and music. The drive’s USB interface ensures compatibility with both Mac and PC desktops or laptops, and is powered via a USB connection, eliminating the need for an additional power source. Backup software and a blue, flashing LED data transfer display completes the package. (link)

UK group: YouTube, could you screen every single video before making it live? Thanks

Social media sites, and those that host user-generated content, need to do more to screen the content on their sites and protect users—particularly children—from videos that could be considered harmful, according to a UK government agency. The House of Commons’ Culture Media and Sport Committee released its tenth report today, titled “Harmful content on the Internet and in video games,” which examines “the Internet’s dark side” and what should be done to keep users safe. The Committee feels that social media sites need to implement stricter policies, implement more content filtering, and make it easier to report abuse.

The Committee starts off by describing the Internet as a place “where hardcore pornography and videos of fights, bullying or alleged rape can be found, as can websites promoting extreme diets, self-harm, and even suicide.” Because of this, websites like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube need to take a more active stance against offensive or illegal content than they do currently. The Committee expressed distress that there appeared to be an industry standard of 24 hours to remove content that contains child abuse, for example, and strongly recommended making such important issues higher-priority. (link)

Gadget: Hard drive dock with tv/video out connections

Imagine being able to unplug your hard drive and hook it up to your TV to watch some popular movies or even see some great digital vacation photos sent by Uncle Phil of his recent vacation to Cleveland with the wife and kids. Okay, that would be torture, but being able to enjoy movie downloads or listen to favorite songs while looking at a digital photo album wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

The trouble is, that unless people know a lot about networking and media center TV hacks, the blinking VCR crowd isn’t likely to get it, much less enjoy it. Until now. This SATA HDD Multimedia Dock will plug in not only 2.5/3.5 inch hard disks but also SD Cards. And with its standard RCA or S-Video outputs, users can easily enjoy video, photos and even audio from their TVs without a computer. (link)

Study: kids surfing more than reading

“Teens spent an average of 12.5 hours online in a single week, up from 10.7 hours last year. Tweens are up to 6.5 hours from 5.2 last year. While teens said that e-mail is for “old people” two years ago, Youth Trends’ study cites e-mail, IM, and casual gaming at the top of the online activities list. YouTube, Facebook, Google, and MySpace are popular destinations for teens, while Webkinz, Nick, YouTube, and Disney adorn the bookmark lists of tweens.”

Email?! Who’s still using email? And why is Google on the list? Should using Google count? Google’s fast, so spending that much time Googling stuff is ridiculous. Unless … they are looking up answers for test!

“Teens are watching slightly more TV this year, up to 11.9 hours per week from 11.6 last year. Strangely, tweens spent even more time than teens in front of the television with 12.2 hours per week, up from 11.8 last year.”

TV is better/worse than Internet? Worse. TV’s make you become a mindless zombie. Internet only does it if you are on MySpace and YouTube.

“Mobile phone ownership is up from 65 percent last year to 73 percent among teens, and 26 percent of tweens also owning a phone. Text messaging is cited as the primary activity, though it’s feasible that owning a phone may also contribute to time spent on the Internet with the new surge in mobile phone sites.” (link)

Where do kids find the time? Internet, TV, and phones? Is there actual time spent socializing face to face … I didn’t think so. I have a hard enough time finding time for Internet and TV in a single day. 2 hours of Internet, maybe 1 of some TV flipping (no actual consumption of knowledge) and that’s it. I need to learn how to multi-task better.

Zune comes to Canada, really this time. June 13th

The Zune has made its first retail appearance in Canada. Come June 13th, our friends to the north will be able to get their hands on Microsoft’s media players, starting at $139.99 (for the 4GB flash variety), up to $249.99 for the big-daddy 80GB version. Pre-orders are being taken now, but something tells us you’ll be able to get one on launch day regardless. (Engadget)
Pre-order now from TheSource

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