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Fanboys miss the point

Saw this pic on Gizmodo. It’s some guy dressed up in a costume which looks like an iPhone. Reading the commentary most of the Apple fanboys seem to be focused on the comedic value of the costume (ie. ‘typeface and icons’) rather than the actual point. The guy is trying to make the loyal Apple consumer aware of the non-union workers Apple employs. Just some union construction guys who want Apple to use them instead of cheaper non-union workers.

Now I’m actually against unions. I think they make companies worse. But I’m even more against fanboys. Blinded by love for a company (or product in this case) warps all sense of reality. I mean pointing out the look of the poor interface? I guess if the costume was more precise the message might have gotten through. My first thought was, ‘what’s he protesting about?’ Considering the fact that he was dedicated enough to make a full sized costume and go out in public merits some attention to his message.

I guess I’m not ready to devote my life worshiping a company for it’s trendy success. Isn’t that what a fanboy is all about? Excuse me while I got watch some Star Trek.

Text messaging while driving ‘terminated’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has approved a bill making it illegal to text message while driving. Fines are $20 for the first and $50 for each subsequent offense. This should have been a no brainer. Phone usage has increased and it’s hard to find anybody not talking on the phone while driving. It’s hard to believe that there are some people out there attempting to press those tiny numbers on their phone while driving a vehicle.

I dread when my phone rings in the car. Should I answer it, distract myself, and risk getting into an accident? I check to see who’s calling then try to guess how important the call is. Ultimately I put the phone down and focus back on driving. It always seems that I get more calls when I forget my bluetooth headset. It comes down to a decision of convenience vs safety. In the end I will always choose safety.

I blame the younger generation. They have no fear. Growing up with technology all around them it simply made sense to integrate it into daily life. Multitasking is a way of life. However the dangers is some situations are never realized until disaster strikes. Hopefully banning the practice will make the road safer for all of us.

Gadget: i-Knock B01 USB instant messenger thingy

The i-Knock. Personal Instant Messaging Notifier

Waiting for that person to reply or log on, but cant be tied to the PC? The i-Knock is here to help. When you receive a message, e-mail or when a person logs on, the i-Knock goes to work with aural and visual alerts so youll know even if youre not at the desk. Its easy to use, works with popular instant messaging programs and customizable too. Available in a range of fun figurines and designs, the i-Knock is yet another cool PC product from Stysen. (link)

Verizon recovers lost voicemail for customer

An 80-year-old New York man can hear his late wife’s voice again, any time he wants.

The telephone company Verizon has recovered a lost message recorded by Charles Whiting’s wife, Catherine, before her death in 2005.

When Verizon upgraded the man’s telephone service, his wife’s voice disappeared from his voicemail system.

The message said “Catherine Whiting,” and her husband said he listened to it every day for comfort.

Company spokesman John Bonomo says a contractor found the recording in an archive and restored it to the new voicemail system. (link)

SMS loans putting Swedish into debt

Fire off a simple text message, wait 15 minutes and presto, 300 euros land in your account; the simplicity of obtaining SMS loans in Sweden is increasingly luring youths into debt.

“The first (SMS) loan was given in the middle of March 2006,” said Janne Aakerlund, a spokesman for Sweden’s debt recovery agency Kronofogden, adding that the first bill collectors were sent out just three months later.

Since then, the number of un-repaid text message loans has soared: in 2007, Kronofogden was tasked with collecting debts from 20,000 such loans, 35.9 percent of which were granted to people aged 18 to 25.

“There is reason to be seriously concerned about this development,” head of the Swedish Consumer Agency, Gunnar Larsson, told AFP. (link)

Another reason not to use SMS

It’s damn expensive! People do not realize how much they add to their monthly phone bills by typing a cutsie little “hi ;)”. Send a few of those a day and you’re costing your self a few extra bucks a month. Is it really worth the hassle to spend 1 minute typing in the message rather than calling the person? Stop wasting your money.

“I just found out that AT&T (A-fee&fee?) is raising their text message pricing. When I first signed up for AT&T 6 or so years ago it cost 10 cents to send an SMS message, and it was free to receive them.

When AT&T switched to Cingular the price of sending a message dropped to 5 cents, but they started charging for incoming texts – also 5 cents. Assuming you send a message for every message you receive, this works out at about the same price as before.” (link)

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