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Netflix comes to Canada

Woo! Finally Canadians are getting a dose of what U.S. customers have enjoyed for a while now. There are some minor hardware compatibility issues so check out the site if you cannot wait.
Bottom line $7.99 a month for instant movie streams right to your tv. French titles coming soon. 1 month free trial on now. Netflix

Movies on hard drives?

Yes, yes, I know you store you downloaded movies on your external hard drive but did you know that you can now buy them with movies already on them? Seagate has started offering pre-loaded movies on their FreeAgent Go lineup of portable hard drives. No word on how effective the anti piracy method will work but for the law abiding citizens this is a new way to get your movies. First one’s free, the rest will vary between $10 – 15 for an “unlock” code. OR you can just free up the remaining 20GB of storage by deleting the extra folder. I’ll stick with buying my illegal bootlegs. 7 for $20! You just can’t beat that price.

Warez users get probation

Notice the quality of torrent movies seem to be … less than desired? Probably because some of them have decided to get out of the biz or have been arrested. The war on piracy has gotten nasty although punishments seem to be rather light. Recently a Warez ringleader was sentenced to probation for downloading and distributing pirated software. The sentence could have included prison time. I’m guessing the plea deal involved ratting out others in the Warez network. Which would explain the sudden disappearance of good quality bootleg movies. One thing’s certain, sources for pirated software,music, and movies are starting to dry up. Perhaps the gravy train will force those users to go legit. iTunes is gonna make a lot of money.

Gadget: Hard drive dock with tv/video out connections

Imagine being able to unplug your hard drive and hook it up to your TV to watch some popular movies or even see some great digital vacation photos sent by Uncle Phil of his recent vacation to Cleveland with the wife and kids. Okay, that would be torture, but being able to enjoy movie downloads or listen to favorite songs while looking at a digital photo album wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

The trouble is, that unless people know a lot about networking and media center TV hacks, the blinking VCR crowd isn’t likely to get it, much less enjoy it. Until now. This SATA HDD Multimedia Dock will plug in not only 2.5/3.5 inch hard disks but also SD Cards. And with its standard RCA or S-Video outputs, users can easily enjoy video, photos and even audio from their TVs without a computer. (link)

EA moving into movies

With the gaming industry growing so rapidly, and more people spending time with their consoles and PCs instead of going to movies or watching television, it’s no surprise that developers and publishers are interested in branching out into different forms of media. EA is jumping into Hollywood with both feet, having announced that the company signed with United Talent Agency to develop its properties for film and TV shows.

The history of game-based films is uneven, to say the least. Early misses like the Mario Bros. movie and Doom didn’t do much to help things, although the film adaptation of Silent Hill was surprisingly watchable. The first trailer for the Max Payne film also has fans cautiously optimistic. EA already has many deals in place, including a film version of The Sims with 20th Century Fox, and its new IP Dead Space is getting the royal treatment; the story of the game begins in a comic book series illustrated by Ben Templesmith, to be continued in a feature-length animated film, then finishing up with the game itself. Should these side-projects bring the game success, it’s probable a bigger-budget live-action movie would at least be discussed. (link)

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