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Intel to share MacBook Air tiny cpu’s with Windows platforms

This bodes well for non-Apple laptop makers. Not only will they be able to do it better but cheaper as well. Since most corporate users are Windows based users get used to seeing MacBook Air PC clones all over the place. (And maybe you will be able cut cake with it too)

“… introduced the company’s second-generation dual-core mobile processors for increasingly popular ultra thin and light notebook PCs.” That’s not what anyone would call a high-profile introduction, but the processors themselves could be used by any company keen to compete with the MacBook Air.” (link)

Logitech V550 mini mouse, clip and go

Having to carry around an extra mouse is dumb. If you have a laptop and travel the less you have to carry around the better. I hate those mini mice. They drive me up the wall. Not big enough and not small enough to easily carry around. Adding a little clip isn’t going to make it easier. Maybe easier to lose but definitely not easing laptop computing.

“Logitech research revealed that the vast majority of people who use a notebook PC are mobile both within and outside the home,” said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president and general manager of the Control Devices business unit. “To meet the demands associated with increased mobility, the V550 mouse offers a complete set of features to make it easier to use a mouse with a notebook when moving from the kitchen to the living room or from one’s desk to a meeting. Now, you won’t have to choose between grabbing your mouse or a cup of coffee.” (link)

Laptops: Mac still mor expensive than PC

For some time, Mac fans have argued that, feature-for-feature, Apple’s computers aren’t really that much more expensive than their PC competitors. When the processors, memory, hard drive and screens are all matched up, the price premium on a Mac was negligible, they insist, and sometimes non-existent.

But eWeek’s Joe Wilcox says that, while he wasn’t looking, that has changed. Windows-based computers — and particularly notebooks — are now much more powerful than Macs, and a lot cheaper. He thinks Apple not only must lower prices, but is actually planning on it. (link)

Sony’s new technology increases hard drive capabilities

Sony has revealed a new technology it says will make large hard drives possible even with notebooks. Rather than use a traditional magnetic read/write head, the new development uses a hybrid of magnetic and optical technology to greatly increase the density: while the storage itself is similar, media is written to disk using a laser. The extremely small, precise nature allows it to fit far more bits of data on any given area. A full terabit (125GB) can fit on a single square inch — five times the space of conventional hard disks, Sony says. (link)

From rumors to reality, Apple set to roll out new MacBook Pros

Once again, rumors of the imminent introduction of a new MacBook Pro are all over the Web Monday. Inventory model numbers that are purportedly those of new MacBook Pro notebooks were discovered over the weekend by AppleInsider, just weeks after similar evidence was discovered inside Best Buy’s inventory tracking computers. AppleInsider later noted that the new model numbers it discovered actually look an awful lot like the model numbers used for MacBooks, however, so things are a bit up in the air.

As a result, this isn’t exactly the smokiest gun we’ve seen of late, but the buzz has been building for new MacBooks for quite some time. The release of Intel’s new Penryn notebook chips at the Consumer Electronics Show provided the reason for Apple to upgrade its lineup, which hasn’t received a tweak in an awfully long time. There has also been persistent speculation that these new systems will come with the trackpad control technology introduced on the MacBook Air that mimics the touchscreen controls on the iPhone. (link)

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