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Porn coming together to bang out pirates

There’s no question sex sells. The porn industry make billions of dollars a year satisfying the needs of the many. Countless dvds, videos, and magazines are produced and pirated by the hour but porn is fighting back. Many of the large studios have come together to launch a new war against copyright and piracy. Porn producers have started filing lawsuits against peer to peer file share users who have been distributing their works illegally. The rate at which revenue has been lost is slowly forcing smaller studios to close.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

A common phrase used with regards to worrying about your children but it’s certainly something you should consider in today’s digital environment. With so many dangers lurking with every click the likelihood of your data being accessible by criminals is increasing.

Consider peer to peer (p2p) file sharing programs. It is quite commonplace to find a torrent program installed on many home computers and in the office. Financial institutions, hospitals, social networking sites … Are your eyes open now? Despite your efforts to secure you home computer, unknowingly your data may still be at risk by others who handle your private data.

While it may not concern you that your x-rays are the latest available download perhaps mis-directed private messages are? Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to send that steamy message to your old high school flame … that accidentally went to your mother. Oops. Software glitch on your social networking site.

Not all is lost. In Germany the high courts have reversed their tune and now require calls and emails to be deleted immediately, rather than be kept for 6 months for possible law enforcement uses. Hopefully other countries will follow suit. I’m sure Google is keeping a close eye on the situation … as well as your data.

Numbers show Bell’s throttling making congestion worse

In the accompanying letter, Bell buckles up and takes a tortuous metaphor involving roads for a lengthy drive in order to illustrate its point that even low congestion numbers can cause big problems. Visualize a traffic accident at a busy intersection: even though the “network” is congested at only one point, it can still have repercussions for users in the entire area. Just to make sure no one gets the idea that these low percentages are actually no big deal, Bell spells out its message in small words so that we can all understand.

“While these numbers may seem low to the average layperson,” says the letter, “they are significant and network traffic engineers such that it is important to consider the number of congested links in the proper context.” (link)

Bell opens online store with downloadable content

Sometimes I get the itch to work in PR. No, it doesn’t happen much, but once in a while I see the sort of inexplicable corporate decision that makes me long to have been in the room when it was being discussed. Case in point: yesterday’s announcement from Bell Canada that the telecom behemoth was officially launching its downloadable video store… just as Bell is caught up in a government inquiry into its traffic-shaping practices. It’s hard to imagine a time at which touting your own downloadable video store makes less sense than when you’re on the hot seat for throttling all P2P traffic, much of which competes with Bell to offer video (including entirely legal BitTorrent downloads from the CBC). Yes, you could look worse as a company, but puppies and shotguns would probably need to be involved. (ArsTechnica)

$800k monster to end P2P?

Procera Networks will announce today a new standard in deep packet inspection (DPI) gear: an 80Gbps monster called the PacketLogic PL10000 that is targeted at tier-1 network operators. At up to $800,000 a unit, these aren’t cheap, but when you want to throttle, inspect, and shape traffic in real-time on a major network, this is now the fastest thing on the market (and by a large margin).

Procera’s appliances all run the same software, so the difference between them is in the interfaces and the number of racks the units take up. The PL10000, the company’s top-of-the-line offering and provides 5 10Gbps channels and 9 1Gbps channels in a 12 rack unit. It can handle 80Gbps of total speed, but most ISPs will want to keep an eye on traffic moving in both directions, bringing this down to 40Gbps each way. (link)

McAfee warns of fake MP3s

Detection of a trojan named Downloader-UA.h was added to the McAfee DAT files several days ago. Since that time more than 360,000 McAfee VirusScan Online users have reported detections, a whopping 32% of those reporting in the past 24 hours alone. Now Downloader-UA.h is not your everyday trojan, this detection covers fake music and video files associated with

When a user attempts to load one of these MP3 and MPG files, they don’t get the music/video they were hoping for; instead they’re directed to download a file named PLAY_MP3.exe. In fact, the MP3/MPG file they downloaded was completely fake, playing no media clip what so ever.

Here are some of the samples names that we’ve seen. Many many other file names are surely floating around on P2P networks. File sizes vary as these files are padded with nulls. (link)

Torrent traffice up since Christmas, way to clog the Interweb downloaders!

Both the music and movie industries see file-sharing as a very real threat to their livelihood. Their approaches to the problem have differed, however, as the RIAA has targeted individual P2P users with lawsuits while the IFPI and MPAA have chosen to go after BitTorrent sites. The MPAA has scored some high-profile victories against P2P site operators and the men behind The Pirate Bay have been indicted by Swedish prosecutors, but many observers have questioned whether the motion picture industry’s efforts are in fact backfiring, as traffic to popular BitTorrent sites and participation in swarms appears to be on the upswing. (news)

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