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Seagate offers up new Maxtor 1 TB NAS

To address the growing consumer need for storage in the home, Seagate today announced the Maxtor Central Axis network drive, a network storage drive that can be used by the whole family. This latest drive from Seagate provides a terabyte of storage that every computer in the home can back up to. In addition to media streaming capabilities for video, photos and music, the new Maxtor Central Axis network drive also includes an easy-to-use remote access service that allows people to easily and securely retrieve content stored on their network drive through any Internet browser.

A concept once only reserved for the small business and enterprise space, networked storage is increasingly becoming a viable option for multiple-computer homes. According to Yankee Group’s 2008 Device Survey, of those who purchased network routers for the home, 75.9% did so with the intent of providing multiple computers with access to the Internet. The challenge of these multi-computer households is the ability to share and back up files from each computer. Maxtor Central Axis network drive allows for each computer in the home to be automatically backed up, so important files and precious memories are sheltered from virus infections or disc drive failures. Sharing files from computer to computer is easy when there is one repository for any file that you would like to share. Additionally, since the storage device is connected to the router and not formatted for an individual computer, files can be accessed and stored from both Mac OS X and Windows operated PCs. (link)

Facebook closes security loophole, your private photos are safe

The online social networking site Facebook says it has fixed a security loophole discovered by a Vancouver computer technician that allowed people to look at the private photos of users.

The news follows Facebook Inc.’s announcement last week that it was implementing tougher measures to allow members to restrict access to their personal profiles.

But Byron Ng, a Vancouver computer technician looking for flaws, was able to use computer coding to pull up private pictures of Facebook members and their friends. The private photos included those of Paris Hilton at the Emmy awards and of her brother Nicholas drinking a beer with friends. (link)

CES Booth babes

Gizmodo does it again. Check out the gallery some hotties mixed in with the regular chicks. Booth babes vs the regular chicks. Here’s another site as well. Why would any of them voluntarily pose for pics? I mean do they know how many geeks are at home beating off to their images? Eww.

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