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Tethering for Rogers customers

No wired connection, or wifi, or 3g subscription usually means no Internet right? Well not if you’re a Rogers Wireless customer with a data plan. A data plan with at least 1GB that is. Looks like Rogers has decided to extend it’s tethering program and make it a permanent fixture of data plans going forward. So no extra charges if you decide to use your smartphone as a wireless modem. Unless you are roaming in the U.S. then you’re shit out of luck. Hit up a Starbucks or McDonald’s I hear they have free wifi.

“The move is likely a reaction to the launch last fall of HSPA+ networks at Bell and Telus.” (link)

Should You Lock In for another 3 years?

With the wireless industry in Canada to become more competitive in the new year existing carriers are trying desperately to keep their customers. Offering shiny phones for a brand new 3 year commitment. So should you do it? I guess it really comes down to whether you’re happy with your service provider. In some rural areas you don’t really have a choice with the service provider you have but some of the major city centers will have customers jumping ship for greener pastures. Here’s what to expect:

Rogers – phones for $1, initially requires a data plan but can be canceled later, 3 year commitment. Rogers services bundle discounts 15% CSRs are bending over backwards to get you to sign up for another 3 years, no need to threaten to cancel either.

Bell – talk and data plans from $40/month, new deal with the Source to distribute their phones. I believe they also offer a bundled service discounts. No really good phone deals. I’m guessing they are betting on the Olympics to boost their customer base along with touting their high speed wireless network.

Telus – smartphones for $0, $50 for 3 year contracts requires data plan. Great marketing as usual. Have you seen the hippo commercial? Now available at Black’s Camera locations.

Wind – building up steam with their cheap, no contract plans. The only downside is that you have to buy the phone up front. The company seems to be very responsive and listening to the community. Number portability not a problem. Some real promise with the way this company is defining itself.

Dave Wireless – other than no contracts not much has been revealed. New company Dave Wireless says it won’t compete on price.

Public Mobile – no contract (I see a recurring theme here) $40/month for UNLIMITED talk and text. It looks like they are aiming for the entry level market to try to scoop customers away from Koodo and Fido. Phone offering doesn’t look great at the moment.

It looks like pricing should should get a bit cheaper for all but premium services (data) will still end up costing you $50+ a month. I’m still wondering who’s cell towers the new service providers will be running off of. You can be sure that which ever salesperson you speak to they will be extra nice in an effort to get your business. I think one of the barriers to switching for existing customers is the “bundling” aspect. Many already enjoy the “bundle discounts” from having multiple services with one company. Definitely a smart move by those companies who implemented it.

Competition is still good. Hopefully this will be a good time for you to negotiate a better plan with your carrier or even cut ties and move on. Now, what shiny phone should I pick?

More Handset Choices Please

The Canadian cellphone market sucks. No news here. Not only are you limited in service providers but as well you’re limited in the choice of good handsets. You’d at least expect a decent selection for a country who’s average cellular plan is one of the most expensive in the world. So what are you paying for exactly? Go ahead, checkout the available handsets for Canadian cellphone providers: Telus, Rogers, Bell. Unless you want a Blackberry then you’ve got problems. iPhone? Enjoy your 3 year 500mb data plan at $25 a month. Perhaps you actually like crappy handsets like LG and Samsung?

Ok, so there are some decent phones available but if you take a look at the models that are offered to the ones that are actually produced by the manufacturer you will notice a problem here. We’re about 6 months behind other countries when it comes to the latest and greatest phones. Last year’s phones with outdated features. Why must I resort to buying an unlocked phone from eBay when it should be readily available from an existing service provider. How long did it take for the iPhone to come to Canada? Exactly. While many are already enjoying the Palm Pre, Bell Canada still advertises “coming soon”. For Android lovers, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on the HTC Hero.

New laptop every 3 years for life

I know what you’re thinking, “what’s the catch”. Well it seems like a pretty simple offer from Fujitsu. Buy any Fujitsu Lifebook laptop and the extended 3 year warranty and that’s it. Get a new laptop every 3 years. Sounds pretty sweet. If you go through laptops frequently this might be something you want to look into. A couple of interesting features of the program is that under the Fujitsu plan covers theft and 1 time accidental damage. This is off of the UK site so it may only be applicable to UK customers (I haven’t bothered to read the fine print, but you can).

Prices (from the site) range from £ 810.39 (14″ with a 2.26ghz duo core cpu) to £ 1,134.97 (12.1″ with 1.2ghz cpu). Pricey but like I said, it may only appeal to those who change laptops frequently. One thing I can say about Fujitsu laptops are that their screens are usually top notch.

Destruction of Earth delayed until 2010

The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) could be out of commission until 2010. Guess Amazon was all out of stock of “make Earth go boom now” parts. No problem. The rocket scientists are on the job, this is just a minor delay in our execution. So for now, feel free to frolic and just plain live. Actually there are 2 plans to repair the accelerator. Plan A (kill everyone sooner) possibly repaired by April 2009 and Plan B (kill ya later) which would have the death machine up and running early in 2010. I’m you’re all breathing a sigh of relief. (link)

Rogers 3G iPhone: no unlimited data plan

Here we have it, iPhone 3G pricing for our better mannered, gun-toting friends up north. All the plans from Rogers Wireless require that lovely, three-year contract and include visual voicemail, free evenings and weekends, and unlimited WiFi at all Rogers and Fido hotspots. The plans start at $60/month for 150 minutes of voice and just 400MB of data before topping out at $115/month for 800 minutes voice and up to 2GB of data. None of these plans offer unlimited data as previously rumored. See the details after the break. (link)

CRTC orders Telus to stop ripping off customers

Telus customers who were dinged with a $2.95 fee for not using Telus long-distance are getting their money back.

But customers who made some long-distance calls through Telus, but don’t have a Telus plan, will be stuck with the bill.

In a decision released Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled that the fee, when charged to customers who did not make any long-distance calls on Telus’s network, including those who accessed long distance using a dial-around service, could “only be viewed as equivalent to an increase in local rates.” (link)

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