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Canadian Government starts wiki war

A skirmish has been raging for days over the online Wikipedia biography of Industry Minister Jim Prentice, with anonymous government workers airbrushing out controversial details or buffing Prentice’s image, while others just as quickly revised the revisions.

So intense was the battle that Prentice’s biography was locked Thursday by Wikipedia administrators “due to vandalism.”

Literally hundreds of changes had been made to Prentice’s biography over the past week, with many originating from IP addresses that were traced to Industry Canada computers at the department’s Queen Street address in downtown Ottawa.

“Even though someone from within Industry Canada thought they were making these changes anonymously – and they are, in the sense of not knowing the precise individual – it was not very difficult to trace back the fact these changes were coming from within the department,” Michael Geist, a professor at the University of Ottawa, said Thursday in an interview. (link)

Government to set rules for wireless spectrum

Officials from the Canadian telecommunications sector are descending on Toronto this afternoon in expectation the government will release a decision that could throw the $12-billion wireless communications market open to new challengers.Industry Minister Jim Prentice will make an announcement after financial markets close at 4 p.m. ET, although his office was mum on the details.

But spokespeople from several telecom players said they expect the announcement would set the rules for the long-awaited wireless spectrum auction.

At issue is whether an addition of spectrum would include set-aside frequencies that would allow new players to enter Canada’s wireless market and compete with its three controlling major players – Bell, Telus and Rogers. (link)

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