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Bell should be worried

At least in “La Belle Province”. Videotron is set to launch their new wireless phone service in Quebec which has been traditionally dominated by Bell subscribers. Videotron on the other hand has the cable services market locked up and is prepared for a price war. The residents of Quebec will enjoy a nice price break on their phone bills and new subscribers can get locked into cheap wireless plans going forward. Other brands (Public Mobile, Chatr, Wind Mobile) have had little impact on Bell’s stronghold. Expect bundle offers, heavy discounts, and frequent price deals. (link)


Piracy Suspect Arrested

Now there’s something to be said for keeping illegal activities hush hush, even when it comes to selling pirated console games. It’s a fairly serious problem in Canada and could get you arrested with some jail time. A suspect was arrested in Quebec in possession of over 300 pirated games and equipment to modify gaming consoles. While modding your console is technically not illegal (I think), doing so in order to facilitate a crime (ie. copy pirated games) IS illegal. However I wouldn’t go around advertising that as a part of your general computer services as a rule.

Also in other pirating news, maVen died. No joke. After getting out of jail Geremi Adam died of a drug overdose. He was one of the most notorious Canadian pirates, known for his quality movie cams. He was only 28 years old.

Quebec getting sued for loving Microsoft too much

I think this is pretty funny. Would you rather the Quebec government shut you down right from the start? or pretend to be give you a chance and let you make a futile attempt to make a competitive bid only to be passed over for Microsoft? It’s their choice. Just because you offer a cheaper open source solution, doesn’t mean that it may be a better fit for their systems.

If Facil wanted to make a name for itself, they definitely did, but not in a good way. (see original post below)

“Quebec’s open-source software association is suing the provincial government, saying it is giving preferential treatment to Microsoft Corp. by buying the company’s products rather than using free alternatives.

The lawsuit by Facil was lodged with the Quebec Superior Court on July 15 and made public on Wednesday. In it, the group says the provincial government has refused to entertain competing bids from all software providers, opting instead to supply public-sector departments with products bought from proprietary vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle Corp.”(link)

Quebec wants to be distinct on the Internet

A Parti Quebecois member of the national assembly is trying to drum up support to create a distinct Quebec identity on the World Wide Web.

Daniel Turp has started a petition to convince the ICANN, the international authority responsible for Internet domain names, to create an extension that would be unique to websites in Quebec.

Turp says one way to identify a nation is for it to have its own web extensions and that if his efforts are successful, Quebecers would use the extension .qc. (link)

MSN outage affects Sympatico services

Bell Canada’s Sympatico e-mail subscribers were among the casualties of a global outage Tuesday at the system that hosts Microsoft’s free Hotmail e-mail and other web services that are run by the U.S.-based software giant.Jason Laszlo, a Bell Canada spokesman, said the company – which offers the Sympatico Internet service in Ontario and Quebec and has millions of subscribers – first noticed problems with Microsoft’s outage just before 9 a.m. Tuesday.

“We noticed at its worst that about 80 per cent of our Sympatico users weren’t able to log in,” said Laszlo, who said the problem was with Microsoft’s MSN platform, which is host to both the Hotmail and Sympatico services.

Laszlo said late Tuesday the outage ended shortly after 6 p.m. and that “all MSN / Sympatico e-mail applications are functioning normally.”

“MSN continues to investigate the cause,” he said in an e-mail. (link)

Canadian hacker ring busted

Quebec provincial police say they’ve dismantled a computer hacking network that targeted unprotected personal computers around the world.

Police raided several homes across Quebec on Wednesday and arrested 16 people in their investigation, which they say uncovered the largest hacking scam in Canadian history.

The hackers collaborated online to attack and take control of as many as one million computers around the world that were not equipped with anti-virus software or firewalls, said provincial police captain Frederick Gaudreau.

“That way, they were able to introduce some Trojans or worms in those computers, and that way they were able to take control of the computers from abroad,” he said at a Montreal news conference¬†on Wednesday. (link)

Bell Canada victim of data theft

Bell Canada is trying to determine just who has seen a limited amount personal information on some 3.4 million of its clients in Quebec and Ontario after a Montreal man was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of stealing the data.The telecommunications company said Tuesday it had recovered the stolen data at a Montreal home but that it was fairly limited and only included names, addresses, telephone numbers and a list of Bell services the client subscribed to.

The company assured its customers that no financial or security information was stolen. (link)

Protecting your data from identity theft

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