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So Conficker‘s big day rolled around and  a little dust stirred up. April 1st was the date the worm was to update itself by contacting a few websites for further instructions. A few reports have streamed in but little has happened. A few government facilities hit DEFCON3 temporarily as their systems were on the fritz but were quickly put back under control. Other than that, nothing has happened. Security experts continue to worry what the creators have in store for the future.

How about remotely disabling computers for unpaid Internet bills or if your laptop was stolen? Ericsson has developed a module which can perform such a task. Several manufacturers are currently using the modules: LG Electronics Inc., Dell Inc., Toshiba Corp. and Lenovo.It’s unlikely that ISPs would cut you off for missing a payment however the technology does exist and might show up in a computer near you. The real use comes into play when it comes to data protection. Stolen laptops and preventing sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Ever had a laptop stolen and had to resort to your backup? And then have that fail and need data recovery? Yeah, it’s a real pain. Trust me, you don’t want to go through it.

Gadget: WiiPhone

The WiiPhone is one of those mods just adored by the House of Giz. It’s the bastard son of a Wiimote and a common or garden-variety DoCoMo cellphone, stuck together by a clever guy who’s good at this kind of stuff. I particularly like the wrist strap, to stop unnecessary accidents (just ask another writer here, whose CrackBerry met an unfortunate end when it hurtled to the floor following a difference of opinion he had with his wife). Anywii, take part in our exclusive poll below the gallery.


Gadget: Big remote

Big remote anyone? HELLO! Feeling a little inadequate?

super sized tv remote

Wii Wireless Nunchuk by Nyko

I always thought the cable was a bit short, but for most of the Wii games spreading your arms wide apart never really came into play, unless your a moron. Here’s a product for you: wireless nunchuk by Nyko. Plug in the adapter to the bottom of the Wii remote and you’re good to go.

Nintendo Wii light saber

Ever since Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata revealed the Wii remote’s motion-sensing capabilities, gamers have been clamoring for someone, anyone, to help realize their deepest nerd fantasy — using the Wii’s controller to act out the Star Wars Kid video. (link)

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