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In robot news Panasonic has developed an assistant to wash your hair. Designed for the elderly the robot will wash one’s hair in the comfort of their own home. The robot will help relieve the duties of home care workers as the population continues to age. The 16 fingered robotic fingers massage the scalp, washes, rinses, all with similar dexterity of that of human hands. Don’t expect it to come cheap. Maintenance will probably be expensive too. I bet if you fall behind in your payments an “update” will convert the machine into a collections robot will possible kill features. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Robots in the home not enough for you? How robots that entertain us through sport? We already have robot wars thanks to engineers with too much time on their hands, how about robot soccer? In Australia they’ve been working on making robots to play football. Programmed to be autonomous the professor there boasts that by the year 2050 the robots will be better than human players. I’m all for it. So long as this eliminates hand balls, fake injuries, and ultimately leads to more goals. Soccer needs more goals. Way too boring to watch a 1-0 game. Get to it robots!

It’s all fun and games until they try to terminate you

For now robots are tools and playthings but soon they’ll be learning how to terminate us more creatively. That “baby” robot is just plain creepy. It’s mimicking behavior like a child and reacting to facial expressions. AND it’s even learned to walk around. Great, just great. Now it was fun while it flopped around on a table, now it’s mobile. We’re all in trouble.

How about this robot that does it’s own experiments and learns from them? Sure, for now it’s learning about yeast, tomorrow it’s bio weapons.

“Interesting, carbon life forms don’t like anthrax. Make a note of that R2D2.” Terminator.

Working side-by-side with their human counterparts? More like rounding humans up into slave camps. Since when did Terminator become a reality tv series?

I, for one, welcome our new nanobot overlords …

Are we treading down a dangerous path here? Nano technology that is. Mini robots building technology for us. next thing you know they’ll be building larger versions of themselves to take over the world! Sure they might be able to build 5 terabyte drives the size of a pack of gum but should they? I’m sure by now you know of my fear of robots taking over the world so let me right now pledge my allegiance to our nanobot overlords.

(I can be extremely useful in rounding up other humans to work in your sugar mines…)

Military working on nanobots to swarm the enemy

BAE Systems will lead a team of scientists that will develop miniature robots to improve military situational awareness. The company signed a $38 million agreement with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to lead an alliance of researchers and scientists from the Army, academia and industry.

The Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) Collaborative Technology Alliance will research and develop advanced robotic equipment for use in urban environments and complex terrain, such as mountains and caves. The alliance will create an autonomous, multifunctional collection of miniature intelligence-gathering robots that can operate in places too inaccessible or dangerous for humans.

“Robotic platforms extend the warfighter’s senses and reach, providing operational capabilities that would otherwise be costly, impossible, or deadly to achieve,” said Dr. Joseph Mait, MAST cooperative agreement manager for the Army Research Laboratory. “The MAST alliance is a highly collaborative effort, with each partner from government, academia, and industry playing a significant role.” (link)

Japan to use robots as source of future workforce

Japan faces a 16 percent slide in the size of its workforce by 2030 while the number of elderly will mushroom, the government estimates, raising worries about who will do the work in a country unused to, and unwilling to contemplate, large-scale immigration.

The thinktank, the Machine Industry Memorial Foundation, says robots could help fill the gaps, ranging from microsized capsules that detect lesions to high-tech vacuum cleaners.

Rather than each robot replacing one person, the foundation said in a report that robots could make time for people to focus on more important things.

Japan could save 2.1 trillion yen ($21 billion) of elderly insurance payments in 2025 by using robots that monitor the health of older people, so they don’t have to rely on human nursing care, the foundation said in its report. (link)

Tiny swarm bots join together to take over the world

It sounds like something straight from a children’s comic.

But British scientists will today take the first steps in an astonishing project to create the first real-life Transformers – the science fiction robots which can change shape at will.

The £4.6million experiment will attempt to build swarms of tiny robots, each the size of a sugar cube, that move around on their own and connect together to form larger, intelligent machines.

Researchers say the first swarm of autonomous, intelligent, shape-changing robots could be in use within five years.

“They could be used in medicine, in space exploration and in search and rescue missions,” said a spokesman for scientists at the University of the West of England in Bristol and the University of York. (link)

Robot wins government contract, to hire humans

IRobot Corp., which makes robots used in consumer and military applications, said Tuesday it has a $286 million Army contract for robots that disarm explosives.The company will deliver up to 3,000 robots and spare parts and provide training over the five-year contract. Some of the devices will be used by general infantry forces.

IRobot said the Army is using robots on a wider scale. Previously they were deployed only in limited numbers to explosives experts.

In electronic premarket trading, IRobot shares added $2.57, or 15 percent to $19.76 after closing Monday at $17.19

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