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Video game sales continue to surge

U.S. video game sales — including hardware and software — jumped 34 percent in February to hit $1.33 billion, even with two top-selling consoles in short supply, according to data from market researcher NPD Group.

Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 have been in such high demand stores are having a hard time keeping them in stock. Microsoft spokesman David Dennis said the company moved up shipments during the holidays and hasn’t been able to catch up since.

He added ”we should be in good shape” by the time ”Grand Theft Auto IV,” the highly anticipated latest installment of the Rockstar Games franchise, hits store shelves April 29.

The game, which will be available on the Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3, is expected to boost sales of both consoles. Pre-orders have been better than expected, according to its publisher, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan, expects the game to sell about 9 million units during the company’s fiscal year, which ends in October. Roughly 6 million of this, he added, will be to Xbox 360 owners. (link)

Gamers keeping CD/DVD industry on life support

Entertainment is big business and, while sales of physical DVDs and CDs are down, consumers are spending on video games in a big way. While conventional wisdom may say that more time and money spent buying and playing games leeches profits from other forms of media entertainment, a new report from the NPD Group says that gamers actually spend more money on non-gaming entertainment products, making them an important target for companies worried about withering sales.

“While it’s true that growth was centered on gaming last year, core gamers—those who played video games daily or several times each week—still spent most of their entertainment budgets on non-gaming entertainment,” the NPD Group states. “These consumers remain more likely to buy a DVD or CD than they are to purchase a new video game. In fact, 58 percent had purchased a new DVD in the past six months, 46 percent bought a CD, and 43 percent purchased a game for a console.” (link)

Heads rolling at Sprint

No iPhone, no revenue seems to be the sales model. Oh well what can you do? Fire people! For starters. The cell phone biz is so saturated. I mean there’s only so many phones you can sell, and only so many customers you can expect to buy new phones every year. Can’t phone companies just be content with the money they already make?

“Sprint Nextel Corp. said three top executives, including Chief Financial Officer Paul Saleh, are leaving the company effective Friday after last week’s gloomy results and restructuring announcement.” (link)

Gaming industry in Canada hits a high

 Video games were a hot seller over the holidays and the numbers show. With Sony and Microsoft dueling to proclaim themselves the winner of the video game consoles, each producer pumped out video games like hot cakes. Bigger, better, faster and consumers lined up behind their consoles. Although Nintendo quietly swooped in and stole their thunder by changing the game. Or rather exposing what gamers really want. Fun, easy, different gaming experience. Raise the bar? More like redefine the video game. The video game industry can thank Nintendo for the it’s record numbers. At last check Nintendo Wii’s had outsold Sony Playstation 3’s by 3 to one. The Xbox 360 wasn’t even on the radar. Sony should see a boost to it’s sales numbers this year when the HD DVD format finally admits defeat and consumers flood to the Blu-ray format. But for now, Nintendo rules. Thank you Nintendo.

“The Canadian video game industry rang up a record $1.5 billion at the cash register in 2007, up 56 per cent from the previous year.” (link)

Asus expects to sell 3.8 million Eee pc’s

The release of a ultra portable notebook at a consumer friend price point has many people talking. The Eee PC runs a Linux OS and features wireless internet access, flash storage drive and a tough lightweight design. At $499 and less than 2 pounds many users on the go are lining up to buy the notebook. Most retailers are expecting to sell out of stock within days. (story)

It’s no secret that Asus has some big expectations for its low-cost Eee PC, but it looks like the company is now getting a bit more specific on the matter, with it saying it expects to ship some 3.8 million of the laptops in the next fiscal year. (story)

Small light laptop + cheap price = sales hit. Let’s see how many competitors jump on the bandwagon.

Guitar Hero 3 fuels music sales

“No labels are really advertising their bands being in GH III, and even if they did most of the ‘fans’ already have a copy of the bands’ most popular song before GH III came out,” a source close inside the music industry told Ars.  “It’s not far-fetched to assume that these are new people willing to pay for a new song.”

Take The Strokes’ track “Reptilia” as an example. The week GH III was released, “Reptilia” sold 127 percent more digital copies than it had the week before. The following week saw another 96 percent jump in sales. That number stayed high the next week as well, as the song saw a modest 3 precent increase. The story was similar for Slipknot’s track “Before I Forget.” That song jumped up 75 percent the week of the game’s release, and an impressive 140 percent the week after. The following chart shows the week-over-week sales increases for five of the tracks. (link)

Apple sells 2 million copies of Leopard in first weekend

Apple Sells Two Million Copies of Mac OS X Leopard in First WeekendCUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today announced that it sold (or delivered in the case of maintenance agreements) over two million copies of Mac OS(R) X Leopard since its release on Friday, far outpacing the first-weekend sales of Mac OS X Tiger, which was previously
the most successful OS release in Apple’s history. Sales included copies sold at Apple’s retail stores, Apple Authorized Resellers, the online Apple Store(R), under maintenance agreements and bundled with new Mac(R) computers. Leopard is the sixth major release of Mac OS X and is packed with more than 300 new features.

“Early indications are that Leopard will be a huge hit with customers,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Leopard’s innovative features are getting great reviews and making more people than ever think about switching to the Mac.”


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