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Tablets get wrong pricing

The success of the Apple iPad had competitors jumping into the market like hotcakes. All boasting more features, better product, and more but what it really comes down to is dollars. While all the bells and whistles may make non-Apple products attractive the pricing just isn’t right.

Pricing has always been a competitive advantage of Windows based pc’s over Apple computers. Unfortunately the numbers have not translated when it comes to tablet computing. The latest HP Slate is predicted to be priced at $799 and aimed at corporate America. That’s not even close to the same price region as the iPad. Why would I spend more on a tablet device? The features are just not compelling enough.

The next offering is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. At $499 the price is just right but hold on, it’s only a 7″ device while the iPad is 9.7″ While Samsung has a better chance at cutting into Apple’s pie it’s not a slam dunk by any means. If it was a $100 cheaper you’d see a lot more conversions.

In the grand scheme of things tablet computing is a small percentage of overall computing sales. The decision consumers have to make is whether features or pricing matters. With the prevailing economic situation it won’t be hard to see what consumers will choose.


Mobile News

Someone at Samsung must be smiling. The Galaxy S is set to pass 5 million units sold worldwide AND it hasn’t even found its way to Japan yet. Is there any other phone that will derail this train? I guess this Android thing is for real. Now if only they could speed up production on that tablet.

From its days hovering around bankruptcy to snubbing Microsoft. Motorola has gotten all snooty when it comes to shipping a phone with a Windows Mobile OS. While they haven’t said ‘no’ to anything just yet, they are open to the idea of working with Microsoft, so long as the mobile OS is a piece of crap.

Who is this Huawei? Making no name phones and showing up at my cell phone provider’s booths? What are the odds that one of their handsets is actually good? The Huawei Ascend just might be that one phone. Sporting Android 2.1, 3.2 megapixel camera, and other features is a nice cheap introduction to the no name company.

Galaxy S launches in China

… and expect the clones to roll out next week. Samsung (25%) decided to cut into Nokia’s market lead (40%) by launching their Android phone in China on Wednesday. One of the fastest growing markets the Galaxy S is targeting the high end customer looking for an alternative to Apple’s iPhone. The phone is expected to start selling on Friday. (link)

At this point I’d be willing to buy a China clone phone if it could reliably run Android 1.6 instead of that garbage interface that is so common for the fake devices. The biggest problem with the China clones is the lack of apps and quality. Nevertheless I’ll looking into getting one.

Samsung Galaxy S (Gizmodo)

Mobile News July 9, 2010

Toronto Transit Commission is trying to help you stay in the loop with recent technology announcements. Heading underground? No need to end that phone call. The TTC is working on it. There is renewed interest in integrating a cellular network into the transit system. Keep working away on your crackberry or continue to buy music from iTunes no matter how far you are underground. It’s good news for cellphone service providers because more airtime in use likely mean more data plans and more revenue. Perhaps Rogers will stop jacking up my cable bill because they will be making more money from me on my cellphone plan.

Another medium on the rise is text messaging. The TTC also announced a new service to offer customers more information for their particular route. Select routes will have numbers that you can text in order to find out how long the wait will be. GPS units are installed in some vehicles so expect it to expand depending on demand. Standard text messaging costs apply.

The latest Samsung phone has become available on both Rogers and Bell at the same time. The Samsung Wave boasts a Bada operating system, 1Ghz processor, Super AMOLED display, and more. So what network should you go with? Rogers: $100 with a 3 year contract ($475 no contract) Bell: $30 with a 3 year contract ($300 no contract). Hmm, math is hard. Both require data plans so expect to be spending over $50 a month.

From SATA to USB

Hard drives typically utilize IDE or SATA connections (or eve SCSI). Connecting them up to your computer usually involves their respective cables. The circuit board on the drive has the necessary interface. Samsung has come out with a 1.8″ hard drive that has a USB interface built on. Goodbye SATA, hello USB. This nifty little devices doesn’t need no stinkin’ enclosure, just throw it in your shirt pocket and away you go. It can even survive a maximum shock incident of up to 1500G. However, water, static charge, or other physical issue and you will be on your own for Samsung data recovery.

My concern is that a good portion of the drive is exposed. What about the heat generated from the unit? What surfaces are safe for it to be placed on? Plus, isn’t USB slower than SATA? Perhaps this is a new trend. Hard drives with their own universal interface surrounded with it’s own protective wrapping. No need for a $40 enclosure or extra cables. But isn’t that what we have USB flash drives for?

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