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New SSD drive: Pulsar

Looks like Seagate has waiting long enough and has jumped into the SSD market. It’s first branded offering is called the Pulsar. Looks like it’s in a standard 2.5″ shell with a SATA connection. It will be offered in sizes of 50GB, 100GB, and 200GB. Also comes with a 5 year warranty. Seems to be aimed at the enterprise market, expect it to be pricey.

From SATA to USB

Hard drives typically utilize IDE or SATA connections (or eve SCSI). Connecting them up to your computer usually involves their respective cables. The circuit board on the drive has the necessary interface. Samsung has come out with a 1.8″ hard drive that has a USB interface built on. Goodbye SATA, hello USB. This nifty little devices doesn’t need no stinkin’ enclosure, just throw it in your shirt pocket and away you go. It can even survive a maximum shock incident of up to 1500G. However, water, static charge, or other physical issue and you will be on your own for Samsung data recovery.

My concern is that a good portion of the drive is exposed. What about the heat generated from the unit? What surfaces are safe for it to be placed on? Plus, isn’t USB slower than SATA? Perhaps this is a new trend. Hard drives with their own universal interface surrounded with it’s own protective wrapping. No need for a $40 enclosure or extra cables. But isn’t that what we have USB flash drives for?

6Gbps hard drives coming

Seagate working together with AMD debuted a brand new faster hard drive. Previous SATA architecture topped out at 3Gbps which up to now, had been pretty damn fast, but now it has the potential to be doubled. Blazing fast speed for data centers all over the world. No need to switch to expensive solid state drives (SSD). Perhaps this is the reason why Seagate never bothered to jump on the SSD bandwagon. The R&D department earned their paychecks and probably kept their jobs with this news. With the recent firmware issues (forced them to offer free data recovery), SSD advancement, and poor economy, this is definitely good news for the hard drive maker. Western Digital is going green, Seagate is going faster. Perhaps SSD’s will only find a niche market with netbooks and ultra portable laptops.

Thecus N3200PRO NAS

I’m sure you’ve seen NAS (network attached storage) before so what’s so different about the N3200PRO? It’s powered by an AMD Geodeā„¢ CPU. It supports 3 SATA drives, RAID 5, a little lcd keeps you in the loop of your drive status. Connect a USB wireless adapter and you won’t even have to worry about network cables. Share photos and even set up an iTunes music server or, for the security conscious, plug in a webcam and keep tabs on the babysitter. A simple data solution for the home user. Never have to worry about data recovery with a RAID set up protecting your data. Now, what was that nanny wearing again? (link)

Iomega StorCenter ix2 making data storage simple

The new Iomega StorCenter ix2 is easy and simple NAS storage unit for the home or office. It currently comes in 1TB and 2TB data storage capacities which should be enough for most home users and small businesses. Set up is simple, within a few mouse clicks you are off and running. It’s not much to look at, plain looking really but it’s not an appliance you show off to guests, it’s purely functional. Plus it has bluetooth capabilities! Set it up to back up your photos, or business reports, OR even set it up as an iTunes mp3 music server. Inside there’s 2 SATA drives, which, if you’re more technically inclined can be replaced to store even more data. Gigabit network connection, 2 USB 2.0 connections, Bluetooth, Windows/Mac/Linux support. Now there’s no excuse not to have a NAS at home. (more)

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