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Antivirus scams to end (*cheer)

Score one for the good guys (-er, does the FTC count?). Finally this deceptive practice will end, and hopefully the makers of that software will be punished. For a long time many unsuspecting (mostly uninformed) consumers have been duped into buying products they don’t need. Utilizing tricky web pop up ads these guys (WinFixer, WinAntivirus, DriveCleaner, ErrorSafe, XP Antivirus) made easy sales of $39.99 on thousands of impressions. Consumerist

Hopefully the Interweb will be less crowded, but only slightly.

If things pop up in front of you asking for a credit card to buy something you weren’t shopping for, for the love of God, don’t put in your credit card number. Here are some reputable anti virus companies. McAfee, Symantec, AVG. (Here are some free antivirus)

Stop scammers by posting their personal details

A couple of net scammers got their just desserts. Numerous sites charging unwitting consumers with suspicious charges, these 2 scammers made millions. Victims revolted, found out who they were and posted their personal details online, names, home address, photos, license plates, and even information about their girlfriends (I think stepped over the line but then again I’m not the one who got scammed). Shortly thereafter the sites were taken down.

Justice served? Is this the only way to battle scammers? Hopefully there are easier ways but this one definitely works. Maybe this will lead to actual criminal charges rather than a simple slap on the wrist. Looks like their scamming days are over.

People badmouthing you on Wiki? Sue them

One thing the Internet has taught us: if you want to see a defamatory/embarrassing/ridiculous claim about yourself or your business cleaned from the tubes, the one thing you don’t want to do is file an ill-advised lawsuit against a site like Wikipedia. What once was known only by a few is suddenly known by the world. Barbara Bauer, who runs the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency, looks like she’s set to learn that lesson the hard way after suing Wikipedia for an article that called her the “Dumbest of the Twenty Worst” literary agents and said that she had made no book sales at all.

The controversy stems from a few brief statements regarding Bauer’s track record (none of which remain on the site at this time). These statements weren’t simply dragged from the ether; Bauer was included on a list of the twenty worst agents back in 2006 and that list was widely circulated in the blogosphere. The controversy was discussed at the time by writer Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who called Bauer a “well-known scam agent” and the “dumbest of the twenty worst.” Even before that, writers were complaining about her agency in various discussion forums. (link)

New striptease attempts to get around CAPTCHA

In a new online striptease, the buxom, beautiful blonde who promises to remove her slinky scraps of lingerie doesn’t want your money. She’s interested in your brain. Really.The creation of online scammers, she’s trying to trick unsuspecting Internet users into helping the scammers break the online barriers that banks and e-mail services set up to thwart crooks.

The striptease is the latest attempt to defeat so-called CAPTCHA systems, which is short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Those safeguards require users to prove they are human by reading wavy, oddly shaped jumbles of letters and numbers that appear in an image and typing them out. (story)

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