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Greenhouse claims fastest SSD

The new drives read at up to 130MB/s with write speeds of 67MB/s, with capacities that range from 16GB up to 128GB. Drive size is a standard 2.5-inches, with a 9.5mm height. Greenhouse says the SATA-compatible boxes will be available in late May (in Japan at least), no word on pricing. (engadget)

CRTC to debate traffic throttling

Canada’s telecommunications watchdog will set its sights this week on a controversial Bell Canada policy that reduces customers’ connection speeds.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission will begin deliberations tomorrow to determine if Bell’s “bandwidth throttling” should stop immediately until government policy is set.

Bell’s practice has upset the Canadian Association of Internet Providers. The 50 association members lease portions of Bell’s network to deliver high-speed Internet services, and they contend that Bell’s actions have led to unacceptably slow connections for their customers. Many pay as much as $50 a month for the fastest Internet subscription available. (link)

AT&T busts competitor claims of 6 – 8 Mbps

AT&T attempted to take the shine off of the claimed speeds of cable companies during a presentation at the Merrill Lynch Communications Services Forum 2008. During a presentation at the forum, AT&T Telecom Operations Group president John Stankey talked some smack about the broadband offerings of his company’s cable competitors.

Stankey revealed that AT&T purchased cable Internet service for over 150 homes in the service area of an unnamed competitor. The advertised broadband speeds were in the neighborhood of 6Mbps to 8Mbps, and AT&T installed gear in each home to test and take samplings of the actual throughput and speeds.

The result was quite different from what the cable company advertised. While AT&T saw peak speeds in the 3-4Mbps range, average throughput was closer to 400kbps. “Peak might be something that occurs at 3am, when the network is lightly loaded,” said Stankey. “Even at peak, the performance on these types of transactions was well below the 6 or 8Mbps access speeds.” (link)

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