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SSD News

What do you get when you mix optical drives with NAND technology? Hitachi‘s latest press release. Hitachi dabbles with a hard drive hybrid. However Seagate’s attempt at mixing the technology did not turn out so great. Slower performance, less than stellar number crunching but still Hitachi plods on. Boasting a caching performance boost, boot times, application speed, and capacity. Wait and see what price they put on it.

Intel’s 3rd gen SSD looks to be promising. Based on the previous postville design there have been a number of improvements. Boosted write speeds and drive size (from 160GB to 600GB) Intel looks to lock up the enterprise market. Full disk AES encryption also promoting data security for state secrets. The X25-m is set for first quarter launch.

SanDisk’s tiny SSD

64GB secure digital memory cards are nothing new but how about a solid state disk in the same size, both physical and storage wise. SanDisk is showing of a wafer thin 64GB unit that is integrated directly on circuit boards for big storage and fast performance. Read speeds of up to 160 MB a second and write speeds of up to 100 MB a second. Expect to see them in your next gadget purchases later this year. (engadget)

SSD Hybrid to bridge the gap

Although they tried this before with little success there’s something to be said for giving it another go. Hybrid technology can be hit and miss, who knows that this new drive will bring. Seagate is offering up a hybrid drive with SSD technology. Boasting SSD performance while attempting to keep prices reasonable.

The SATA drive (dubbed “Momentus XT”) spins at 7200 RPM, has 32MB of DDR3 cache, and 4GB of SSD capacity. This combination can result in faster applications and access to data compared to traditional hard drive technology. Actual platters should only spin 10% of the time reducing energy costs. Frequently accessed data would be stored on the SSD portion of the drive. 250 GB version is estimated to cost $113.

A speed test compares this drive to others and the XT doesn’t come out looking so good. Performance is disappointing. Given the price drops in hard drives you should just probably stick with a pure SSD drive if you’re looking for the best performance.

SSD News

SSD growth is slowing. You might have noticed fewer models coming out lately. I’m guessing manufacturers underestimated the actual dollar value of the enterprise market. While more people have adopted the new storage format. NAND chip prices have fallen but not to the level where mainstream consumers will have one in their homes. Economic pressures don’t exactly give corporations the spending leeway they used to enjoy. For now good old 3.5″ hard drives are still the way to go.

Nothing like working together to try to make more money. IBM and SandForce are putting their heads together to push their SSD/Server products to companies. It comes with 8 cores and 10.5 TB of SSD storage. It works out to 150,000 transactions per core per minute. That’s a lot of processing power. The question is, can you afford it?

OCZ’s new Z-drive

Dubbed the Z-Drive R2, the solid state drive (SSD) boasts improved performance with a twist. The twist is “optimized” NAND modules that are interchangeable. That makes swapping out bad parts (not that you will ever have to, right?) a snap if needed. Or even upgrading to larger storage capabilities if you should need more room. Did I mention that you can boot from it too?

“Speeds can hit up to 1.4GB/s, and capacities will be available from 256GB to 2TB” (link)

OCZ Technology

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