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Backup drives getting on the ‘green’ bandwagon

New SimpleTech [re]drive with Turbo USB 2.0 Provides Consumers with an Energy-Efficient, Fast, Reliable and More Sustainable Alternative for Storing and Protecting Digital Files

San Mateo and Santa Ana, Calif, July 28, 2008 – Bump up your green meter with Fabrik’s ( new SimpleTech [re]drive™, the world’s most energy-efficient, resource-conscious, Turbo USB 2.0 external storage and backup drive. From its sustainable bamboo and recyclable aluminum enclosure, to its packaging and Energy Star® power adaptor, the SimpleTech [re]drive helps make the world a little greener while storing and protecting your data. With Turbo USB 2.0, which delivers up to 25 percent faster performance than USB 2.0, the [re]drive is speedy and reliable with plug n’ play simplicity for both Mac and PC users. To help you steer clear of life’s little digital disasters, the SimpleTech [re]drive’s automated backup software saves copies of your stuff on the drive, and on encrypted, secure servers using Fabrik Ultimate Backup for ultimate online backup protection. (link)


Nerd Alert: Star Wars chessboard

At Comic-Con, there are a whole batch of new Star Wars action figures, including a gorgeous chess set (with Storm Trooper and Rebel fighter pawns) and a Princess Leia figure with optional Jabba arms that can be slimed around her. Plus, there are awesome figures from the upcoming Clone Wars movie and TV series, as well as some weird new looks for Darth and sexy fighting Siths. Check out our gallery from Comic-Con below. (link)

Lightsaber stylus for Nintendo DS

These officially licensed Star Wars Nintendo DS Styluses are just what we need to draw insane circles around Pokemon, help Phoenix Wright solve cases and cut open random people in that really hard doctor game. They come in two flavors: a three-pack of standard plastic ones for $7.99 or a two-pack of glowing ones for $16.99. Both are due July 31, which is exactly the day that we’re going to pretending we’re gigantic Jedi holding regular-sized lightsabers. (link)

Lego: Death Star, 3803 pieces of lego goodness

Recreate the action and adventure of the Star Wars™ movies with the ultimate Death Star™ playset! This detailed battle station features an incredible array of minifigure-scale scenes and accessories from Episodes IV and VI. Its different decks include the Death Star control room, moving turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor’s throne room, detention block, Imperial conference room, droid maintenance facility, and the powerful Death Star superlaser, plus much more! Swing across the chasm with Luke and Leia, face danger in the crushing trash compactor, and duel with Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy. With over 3,800 pieces, the Death Star measures 16” tall and 16½” wide when completed. Includes 25 Star Wars minifigures and droids!

Death Star is a LEGO Exclusive available for pre-order on starting July 1, 2008 and can be found in LEGO Brand Retail Stores starting September 1, 2008! (link)

Star Wars Last Supper redone … crazy

What’s the definition of insanity? Not this, but it’s definitely one hardcore Star Wars fanboy. I’m not sure what the end result accomplishes, other than 15 seconds of Internet fame. Is this what really smart people do? Waste time on tedious personal projects?

“This is what you get when you capture 69,550 full resolution frames from the six Star Wars movies and combine them with a version of DaVinci’s Last Supper on a PC with mosaic-making software and a custom matlab-based algorithm. The 262-megapixel mosaic (24,168 x 10,864 pixels) took two weeks to complete, including 30 hours of computing power and manual retouching for the final version. Avinash Arora, the guy who did it, tells us about the process.” Gizmodo

Death Star hotel in Azerbaijan

Skyscraper News

Awesome! How much does it cost per night and where do I park my X-Wing?

9 months, many, many lego bricks later …

Check out this Legomaniac. He built this 30 pound Star Wars ship! 73 inches long! Now that’s a truly dedicated Lego fan. Should we be happy for him? Sad? He lost his wife (possibly?) but still managed to stay employed, mortgaged his home (joke?) to buy all the pieces. The word insanity crosses my mind. However he’s built for us to enjoy … for the next 15 minutes. Then we can move on to the next guy.

“Well, ladies and gentleman…oh, who are we kidding…Well gentleman, after nine months of late-night brick building, explanations, groveling, and apologies to my now-estranged wife, countless Bricklink orders, subsequent mortgages, loan sharks, black market sales of all non-essential organs, and more work-shirking than you can shake a stick at, the epic struggle to build my first SHIP has reached its conclusion… she’s finally finished.” (link)

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