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SSDs: Western Digital says “maybe”

Up to this point neither Seagate or Western Digital has decided to dip into the SSD market … yet. Seagate has definitely ruled it out for the time being however Western Digital is open to idea, if an opportunity should present itself. So what does this tell us? WD isn’t investing in SSD development and has no plans to. Perhaps a bit of reverse engineering and tinkering but nothing officially on the books. On the other hand this might open the door for WD to buy up one of the smaller guys and get into the market on a mass scale, providing the price is right. Who knows? Maybe WD and Seagate will get into a bidding war over some small SSD company. Until then, looks like solid state drives will stay pricey. Stay tuned.

SSD’s: it’s all about the money

Seagate Technologies recently reaffirmed that it has no plans to get into the SSD market and produce drives. For them, while interesting, and SSD venture at this time has not proven to be a money maker and Seagate claims that other manufacturers are losing money making and selling the product. Instead of getting into the game (too late) Seagate plans on developing a hybrid SSD drive with elements of current hard drive technology. Sounds like they are trying to make their own market for drives after missing the boat on SSD’s.

Let’s see, greener, faster, and physically smaller drives? Maybe the growth numbers don’t tell the whole story about the financial portion but people are buying them and so are companies. It’s expected that SSD’s will remain a small portion of overall data storage solution but there definitely appears to be an enterprise market for these devices.

Also good news for Windows lovers. Windows 7 is expected to take full advantage of SSD technology and should be optimized for maximum performance. Hmm, wonder if OS X has anything like that planned for the next release?

Samsung to produce SSD’s for the enterprise masses

Samsung has announced that they are planning on mass producing a new SSD lineup in 25GB and 50GB capacities. The new solid state drives are said to be faster, more durable, and greener than “the other guys”. They are targeting the enterprise market with high end servers and a lot of money to spend. Read speeds of 100MB/second and write it at 80MB/s. The drives are due out next month so start saving.

Vista not optimized for SSD, delayed

“The next generation of SSDs will use multilevel cell (MLC) technology, which will require a more sophisticated controller – a crucial component in solid state drives. These drives will have capacities ranging up to 128GB, 160GB, and later, 256GB. MLC drives are expected to appear in a wider selection of notebooks later this year.”

Yes, yes, less details. I don’t really care about what you need to do, just get me faster bigger drives at an affordable price.

“… Chief Executive Officer Eli Harari said that Windows Vista will present a special challenge for solid state drive makers. “As soon as you get into Vista applications in notebook and desktop, you start running into very demanding applications because Vista is not optimized for flash memory solid state disk,” he said.”

Vista poses problems for all of us dumb users who upgraded. Tell me something I don’t know.

“This is due to Vista’s design. “The next generation controllers need to basically compensate for Vista shortfalls,” he said.” (link)

No surprise here, everything else has to compensate for the resource hungry Vista. Is Vista optimized for anything?

Super Talent SSD offering, cheaper and faster

“Super Talent sprinkles fairy dust on its “budget” SSD lineup”

Is ‘fairy dust’ the technical term?

“The solid state disk (SSD) market is really starting to heat up. Super Talent threw down the gauntlet with its low-priced MX series SSDs. OCZ then returned the favor with its Core Series SSDs.”

Cheap SSD’s! Yes!

“OCZ held the upper hand with not only lower pricing for its Core Series SSDs, but also the advantage of faster read/write performance. Super Talent’s MX SSDs clocked in with read speeds of 120MB/sec and write speeds of 40MB/sec. OCZ’s Core SSDs feature read speeds of 120 to 143 MB/sec and write speeds of 80 to 93 MB/sec depending on the capacity of the drive in question.”

I like OCZ never heard of Super Talent. I have heard of ‘Super Fantastic Talent Show’ it’s a Japanese game show I believe.

“With OCZ breathing down its neck, Super Talent worked a little magic on its MX drives. The 15GB and 30GB models now feature read speeds of 120MB/sec and write speeds of 60MB/sec. The 60GB and 120GB have the same read speeds, but now have write speeds of 80MB/sec.” (link)

Pricing on 120GB? Ouch! Still out of my wallet range.

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