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Tablets get wrong pricing

The success of the Apple iPad had competitors jumping into the market like hotcakes. All boasting more features, better product, and more but what it really comes down to is dollars. While all the bells and whistles may make non-Apple products attractive the pricing just isn’t right.

Pricing has always been a competitive advantage of Windows based pc’s over Apple computers. Unfortunately the numbers have not translated when it comes to tablet computing. The latest HP Slate is predicted to be priced at $799 and aimed at corporate America. That’s not even close to the same price region as the iPad. Why would I spend more on a tablet device? The features are just not compelling enough.

The next offering is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. At $499 the price is just right but hold on, it’s only a 7″ device while the iPad is 9.7″ While Samsung has a better chance at cutting into Apple’s pie it’s not a slam dunk by any means. If it was a $100 cheaper you’d see a lot more conversions.

In the grand scheme of things tablet computing is a small percentage of overall computing sales. The decision consumers have to make is whether features or pricing matters. With the prevailing economic situation it won’t be hard to see what consumers will choose.



Tablet as a printer controller

HP has always been known for their quality printers and recent news has the world abuzz about tablet devices. Merging the 2 HP’s come out with a printer that uses a tablet as printer controller. Basically the 3.5″ display control panel has been blown up to 7″ and is removable from the printer. The tablet functions also as an ebook reader and has some device specific applications. Yahoo is currently developing widgets for the device. A new spin on tablet computing that will perhaps lead to replacing out tv remotes with one of these devices. (link)

Tablet computing vs netbook computing

Apple’s latest magical creation raises the debate between tablets and netbooks. While intended use versus real world usage will vary, it comes down to user experience and preference. So which one am I going to stick with?

One of the few things I’ll have a hard time transitioning to will be the form factor. It has it’s positives and negatives. While a tablet opens up your day to ultra portable computing a netbook functionality is limited by the need to type. The intuitive touchscreen makes walking, talking and computing a big checkmark next to a tablet computer.

While the keyboard may be a limiting factor for the netbook, it is also one of it’s biggest features. Being able to sit down and type out a long and detailed email or document is a significant advantage over a tablet. While typing on a virtual keyboard is an option, it certainly does not compare to a physical keyboard.

Battery life. The iPad reportedly will run full HD video for 10 hours and have standby for a month. A netbook will maybe get you 4 hours (maybe 8 with a bulky battery).

Input ports. You absolutely need a USB port and not expensive fancy adapters. Video out for presentations. The bluetooth option opens up keyboards and mice and other devices.

Screens. While the 10″ screen on a netbook is adequate it simply does not compare to a device that can display HD quality video. Tablet computing here excels.

Navigation. Touchscreen navigation for the win. A tiny touchpad just doesn’t compare. While some touchpads are more user friendly, generally the larger the pad the better the experience. Hence a fullscreen touchpad device is a dream to navigate.

I’m really surprised how much more productive I am now, while I’m on the move. While a table will never completely replace a laptop/netbook form factor it certainly adds another dimension to mobile computing. Heck it even redefines mobile computing. We’re on the cusp of a new user experience.

Is Tablet Computing For You?

Microsoft CEO unveiled a tablet during his recent keynote. Steve Balmer showed of the HP Slate (hmm I thought had the iSlate name locked up?) calling it a “little pc” and of course running Windows. Bringing a tablet device to market isn’t a brand new concept, just the way it was implemented and marketed. Perhaps it was originally before it’s time. With the surprising success of the Kindle and netbooks perhaps consumers are ready for tablet computing. Ultraportable computers have always been coveted however technology has now offered up low energy cpu’s with slim form factors making usable tablet devices possible. And of course to cut down on space, touchscreen input is a no brainer.

So is tablet computing for you? For those looking for a more powerful ebook reader this might be a purchase worth making. Power users may want to hold off until Intel comes out with a more powerful Atom processor. The $500 price tag may scare consumers away, however slap a little Apple logo on it and suddenly it’s not that expensive.

Are you happy yet?

Apple fanboys should be happy about this bit of news. It would appear that Apple is planning to release a “tablet” like device that will cost between $500 and $1000. Shareholders were also happy as the stock hit an all time high of $209.35 How much is Steve Jobs worth now? Is he approaching Bill Gates yet? Got your credit card out already? You’ll have to wait until March or April before you get your hands on this shiny new Apple branded device. Plenty of time for you to speculate what colors it will be available in.

I’m guessing it will be offered in a pro version of some kind, built in SSD, and video/photo editing software. Now what accessories should I be buying?

Dell news

Dell to sell at Best Buy – as competition heats up Dell has to be available at the local big box store. Probably only offering a handful of models so less customizing but more customers.

Dell launching tablet pc – everyone else has one, why not Dell? Personally I think it’s just a novelty given it’s limited applications for everyday people … that means you.

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell in a Dell ad – funny. Watch it. It’s not really a hard sell. I think they could have done a better job. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

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