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Telus keeps building momentum with more phone offerings. The latest Android phone to hit the Telus stores is the Motorola Backflip. This joins the Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero both which are popular phones amongst web savvy Canadians. Expect to be locked in for a 3 year contract.

The Canadian Nokia Ovi store now offers billing straight to your carrier. Definitely handy when you spot something on the store that you just have to buy.

Bell is set to offer the Motorola Dext on a 3 year contract for $80. Not a bad price. I actually prefer this phone to the Backflip, which seems kinda gimmicky. What ever way you cut it Android is the up and coming mobile OS you should invest in. Open platform, opposed to Apple’s closed OS and multiple developers working on new apps every day.


If you’ve been holding off on getting an iPhone perhaps now is the time to buy. Two Canadian wireless providers are offering refurbished 8GB 3G iPhones for $30. Sounds like a sweet deal in exchange for your soul (Apple gets 30%) and a 3 year contract. Also you will have get over the fact that they are “refreshed”, but generally refurbished Apple products tend to be in very good condition.

Telus Mobility

Now that you’ve gone ahead and bought on impulse, any truth to the rumor that a new iPhone is coming out next month?

Should You Lock In for another 3 years?

With the wireless industry in Canada to become more competitive in the new year existing carriers are trying desperately to keep their customers. Offering shiny phones for a brand new 3 year commitment. So should you do it? I guess it really comes down to whether you’re happy with your service provider. In some rural areas you don’t really have a choice with the service provider you have but some of the major city centers will have customers jumping ship for greener pastures. Here’s what to expect:

Rogers – phones for $1, initially requires a data plan but can be canceled later, 3 year commitment. Rogers services bundle discounts 15% CSRs are bending over backwards to get you to sign up for another 3 years, no need to threaten to cancel either.

Bell – talk and data plans from $40/month, new deal with the Source to distribute their phones. I believe they also offer a bundled service discounts. No really good phone deals. I’m guessing they are betting on the Olympics to boost their customer base along with touting their high speed wireless network.

Telus – smartphones for $0, $50 for 3 year contracts requires data plan. Great marketing as usual. Have you seen the hippo commercial? Now available at Black’s Camera locations.

Wind – building up steam with their cheap, no contract plans. The only downside is that you have to buy the phone up front. The company seems to be very responsive and listening to the community. Number portability not a problem. Some real promise with the way this company is defining itself.

Dave Wireless – other than no contracts not much has been revealed. New company Dave Wireless says it won’t compete on price.

Public Mobile – no contract (I see a recurring theme here) $40/month for UNLIMITED talk and text. It looks like they are aiming for the entry level market to try to scoop customers away from Koodo and Fido. Phone offering doesn’t look great at the moment.

It looks like pricing should should get a bit cheaper for all but premium services (data) will still end up costing you $50+ a month. I’m still wondering who’s cell towers the new service providers will be running off of. You can be sure that which ever salesperson you speak to they will be extra nice in an effort to get your business. I think one of the barriers to switching for existing customers is the “bundling” aspect. Many already enjoy the “bundle discounts” from having multiple services with one company. Definitely a smart move by those companies who implemented it.

Competition is still good. Hopefully this will be a good time for you to negotiate a better plan with your carrier or even cut ties and move on. Now, what shiny phone should I pick?

Goodbye monopoly

Well what do we have here? Who knew Telus and Bell could put together a HSPA so quickly in time for the Olympics no doubt AND (score!) a fresh deal with Apple. So expect a whole new offering of phones from both networks for the upcoming Christmas rush. But with new networks there will be bugs to work out, especially with something rushed to market. There’s going to be a whole lot of network traffic, who knows how well it will hold up under the stress.

However if you’re sick of the Rogers bullshit then feel free to try out the competitors. Iphone sales are expected to start up as early as next month (November) so get ready to spend some money on a new phone. So long as your phone is HSPA compatible you may not even need to get a new phone.

Telus Buys Black’s, Keeps Pace With Bell

Telus has agreed to purchase Black’s Photos stores in a bid to bolster their retail presence. This move follows Bell Canada’s purchase of the Source retail stores from Circuit City. It would appear that the battleground for mobile subscribers will take place in malls across Canada. While Telus already has kiosks in many malls the additional Black’s Camera stores will help with Telus’ exposure.

Rogers Wireless so far has been mum on adding retail locations but perhaps they are putting something together. The iPhone alone puts enough clout behind Rogers to add subscribers and Bell has the Palm Pre and perhaps even the Pixi. Telus has … cute commercials. All I gotta say is Telus better get some cool phones or risk losing market share to Globalive.

CRTC orders Telus to stop ripping off customers

Telus customers who were dinged with a $2.95 fee for not using Telus long-distance are getting their money back.

But customers who made some long-distance calls through Telus, but don’t have a Telus plan, will be stuck with the bill.

In a decision released Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled that the fee, when charged to customers who did not make any long-distance calls on Telus’s network, including those who accessed long distance using a dial-around service, could “only be viewed as equivalent to an increase in local rates.” (link)

Telus abandoning CDMA for GSM?

Should they have decided this a long time ago? With their subscriber base as big as it is already, costs would be astronomical. What about existing handsets? Would customers have to pay to replace their phones? Change the phones, change the towers. Forget about profitability for the next few years. Although with all the availability of GSM phones and promise of better customer service would you make the switch from Rogers to Telus? We all know what kind of phone support Rogers provides. Could this open the door for an iPhone offering on the Telus network? Hmm …

“In the wireless equivalent of moving from Betamax to VHS, Telus executives are considering adopting new technology “as early as this year,” industry sources say. The change would effectively make all or part of Telus’s CDMA network compatible with the GSM-based systems operated by most carriers outside of North America. The two acronyms stand for code division multiple access system, and global system for mobile communications, respectively.

The idea “has been presented at the board level and is being actively considered,” said one source familiar with the situation who asked not to be identified. The source cautioned that there were no guarantees Telus will go ahead with a changeover, which analysts say could cost about $500 million.” (link)

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