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Intel to share MacBook Air tiny cpu’s with Windows platforms

This bodes well for non-Apple laptop makers. Not only will they be able to do it better but cheaper as well. Since most corporate users are Windows based users get used to seeing MacBook Air PC clones all over the place. (And maybe you will be able cut cake with it too)

“… introduced the company’s second-generation dual-core mobile processors for increasingly popular ultra thin and light notebook PCs.” That’s not what anyone would call a high-profile introduction, but the processors themselves could be used by any company keen to compete with the MacBook Air.” (link)

gadgets: tiny bluetooth adapter

Talk about tiny. Go ahead, take a penny out of your pocket. Yeah, it’s that small. (That’s what your wife said, ZING!) $24 for pleasure of saying “it’s not the size, it’s the connect ability”.


Tiny Smart car set to arrive in U.S.

The Smart car is certainly making a smart move: Hitting the U.S. market just as gasoline prices pass the US$3-a-gallon mark. The Smart Fortwo micro car is one of the stars of the Los Angeles Auto Show, where it’s trying to drum up buyers before it goes on sale in January.

Europeans have been driving Smart cars for a decade and the vehicle has been sold in Canada since 2004, but the Smart is just now hitting U.S. roadways. Smart USA President Dave Schembri, who worked on a team that considered a Smart sport utility vehicle for the U.S. market in the late 1990s, said the country just wasn’t ready for Smart at the time. But fuel prices and increasing concern about the environment have changed that, he said. (story)

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