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Telus abandoning CDMA for GSM?

Should they have decided this a long time ago? With their subscriber base as big as it is already, costs would be astronomical. What about existing handsets? Would customers have to pay to replace their phones? Change the phones, change the towers. Forget about profitability for the next few years. Although with all the availability of GSM phones and promise of better customer service would you make the switch from Rogers to Telus? We all know what kind of phone support Rogers provides. Could this open the door for an iPhone offering on the Telus network? Hmm …

“In the wireless equivalent of moving from Betamax to VHS, Telus executives are considering adopting new technology “as early as this year,” industry sources say. The change would effectively make all or part of Telus’s CDMA network compatible with the GSM-based systems operated by most carriers outside of North America. The two acronyms stand for code division multiple access system, and global system for mobile communications, respectively.

The idea “has been presented at the board level and is being actively considered,” said one source familiar with the situation who asked not to be identified. The source cautioned that there were no guarantees Telus will go ahead with a changeover, which analysts say could cost about $500 million.” (link)

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