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Rogers 3G iPhone: no unlimited data plan

Here we have it, iPhone 3G pricing for our better mannered, gun-toting friends up north. All the plans from Rogers Wireless require that lovely, three-year contract and include visual voicemail, free evenings and weekends, and unlimited WiFi at all Rogers and Fido hotspots. The plans start at $60/month for 150 minutes of voice and just 400MB of data before topping out at $115/month for 800 minutes voice and up to 2GB of data. None of these plans offer unlimited data as previously rumored. See the details after the break. (link)

Rogers *unlimited plan (pssst, read the fine print)

In advertising, superlatives rarely mean what they are meant to. However, there are times when “truth in advertising” gets stretched beyond reasonable limits. Case in point: the introduction of “unlimited” mobile data service plans by network providers such as Rogers’ new Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing Plan in Canada.

At first glance, the plan seems fairly straightforward: unlimited mobile data and Internet access for a mere extra $7 per month on top of your existing phone plan. However, when you look a little more closely, the “unlimited” deal turns out to be anything but unlimited. There is a limit of 2,500 sent text messages per month, and 1,000 picture or video messages, despite the fact that these too are “data” and should be unlimited. Of greater concern is the fact that the deal only applies to select phones and does not include Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices, laptops using PC cards for mobile data access, or unlocked devices such as Apple’s iPhone. The latter is still officially unavailable in Canada, but many wondered if the revealing of this “unlimited” plan was a clue that Rogers was about to announce that they had secured exclusive access to sell the iPhone in the Great White North. This does not appear to be the case at the moment. (link)

“Unlimited” costs Verizon a cool $1 Mil.

New York Attorney General Anthony Cuomo announced yesterday that his office had beaten a $1 million “agreement” out of Verizon Wireless that will see the carrier compensate 13,000 customers it had summarily disconnected from their “unlimited” plans because they had taken the word to mean what it means.

A million bucks is essentially petty cash for a company this size — the public-relations beating will likely prove more costly – but the episode should nonetheless act as a deterrent for other carriers tempted to sprinkle their advertising with manure. At least that’s the theory.


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