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Chinese hackers call Microsoft ‘hacker’

If you don’t know by now, the majority of pirate/hacking/illegal/software/computer activity comes from Asia. For years this has been a problem while the corrupt Chinese government has turned a blind eye. Microsoft decided to something about it. Recent Windows Genuine Advantage updates have caused annoying black screens to pop up on computers with pirated versions of Microsoft products installed. Not surprisingly, this caused a bit of an uproar with, say … a billion Chinese people? A lawyer even had the gall to call Microsoft “the biggest hacker” in the world. I nearly shat my pants laughing so hard.

*kettle ===> black

First of all just admit you have a pirated copy, like everyone else. If the government had stepped in and cut down on software piracy maybe you wouldn’t have had this problem. I bet right now there are a few million computers at Chinese government offices blinking with black screens (hmm, pirate much?). I’m glad the government is investing in developing their own operating system and planning on switching to Linux. Yeah, good luck with that.

China, you are stealing from Microsoft and you have been for years. That being said you probably house some of the dumbest person in the world (as well as the smartest) if you think you can install a pirated copy of Microsoft XP (Vista,Office, etc) and expect to be “entitled” to ongoing updates. WHY ARE YOU UPDATING DUMBASS? Do you not realize that Windows Genuine Advantage is an anti piracy update? What did you think it was? “Super fantastic porn time?” Let’s see, I can’t afford a BMW so I got buy a Ford, then I go to BMW expecting a free engine upgrade?

As for the “lawyer’s” argument (if he is a REAL lawyer, and not one who printed out a fake degree) Microsoft did not “hack” into computers. Each user has the option to disable automatic updates. When you agree to update your Microsoft product, you are agree to install whatever update Microsoft releases. Don’t get upset because you got caught. Simply back up your data, format and reinstall, and disable updates.

But some poor Chinese gold farmer can’t afford a legit copy of Windows, so why can’t they lower the price? I can’t afford a lot of expensive stuff, just because you want something the manufacturer is not required to lower their price. That’s the cost, if you can’t afford it, then tough. You don’t have a right to benefit from illegal software.

If you’re getting illegal cable, don’t complain to the cable company when your signal goes bad. If you’re selling cocaine and get robbed, don’t file a report with the police. If you’re avoiding government income tax, don’t apply for government rebates. And for God’s sake! If you have a pirated copy of software DO NOT download updates. Updates are legitimate paying customers.

Security updates ignored by 40%

Hands up. Don’t worry, mine’s up too. I skip updates because I’m lazy and don’t want waste my time. In fact I do it out of spite.
I keep my anti-virus mostly up to date … mostly. AND I don’t visit porn site … too often. AND I never give out my passwords. Firewall, check. Virus scan … er, pass. Hey, no problems yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

“A recent collaborative study between Google, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and IBM offers new insight into how many people surfing the web are doing so safely. According to the report, a clear majority of users (some 59 percent) are using the latest version of their preferred Internet browser—but that still leaves 40.1 percent who aren’t. That’s a troublingly high number for anyone working in IT security, given that virtually all (89.4 percent) of the vulnerabilities reported in 2007 were remote exploits.” (link)

Univ. of Penn. against Vista SP1 upgrade

Windows Vista SP1 Is having a tough time getting into the Ivy League.

University of Pennsylvania tech staffers are advising faculty and students not to upgrade their computers to the new service pack for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system.

The school’s Information Systems & Computing department said it will support Vista SP1 on new systems where it’s preinstalled, but added that it “strongly recommends that all other users adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude,” according to a newly published department bulletin.

Penn’s ISC department advised “continuing to use previous versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista until after the initial bugs in SP1 are identified and fixed.”

Vista SP1 users have reported numerous glitches since the operating system became widely available on Tuesday.

“I downloaded it via Windows Update, and got a bluescreen on the third part of the update,” wrote “Iggy33”, in a comment posted Wednesday on Microsoft’s Vista team blog.

Iggy33 was just one of dozens of posters complaining about Vista Service Pack 1’s effect on their PCs. “What a disaster,” wrote “SeppDietrich”, of the update. “It exiled all my Nvidia drivers to the Bermuda Triangle.” (link)

Latest iPod update causing damage to headphones?

Users are complaining that the recently released operating-system update for their music players is causing a somewhat serious electrical problem for their music systems.

According to, users are complaining that iPod Classics whose firmware has recently been upgraded to Version 1.1 are sending residual electrical pulses through the headphone jack — as well as the iPod docking connection (on the bottom of every music player) — when the iPods are turned off. Those pulses, measured at 500mv of DC, could conceivably cause damage to any attached equipment. (link)

IE7 to be automatic update

News is spreading that on February 12, Internet Explorer 7 will be flagged for “automatic installation” through Windows update. Microsoft has published a knowledge base article detailing the push, but there’s plenty of misinformation out there stemming from flawed understandings of what the article actually says. In short, the Windows world isn’t about to be forced to upgrade to IE7 (although with few exceptions, the Windows world probably should upgrade from IE6 to something else, be it IE7, Firefox, or Opera). (link)

Apple to make 100 corrections in 10.5.2 update

Due out next month as Mac OS X 10.5.2, the update will deliver to users of the company’s Leopard operating system nearly 100 code corrections and enhancements, people familiar with the software say.

Among them are twenty new fixes that turned up as part of Mac OS X 10.5.2 build 9C16, which was released privately to developers during last week’s Macworld Expo. Some of the more prominent fixes in that build target problems with resuming Time Machine backups and previewing PDF, image and mail attachments.

Since seeding the first pre-release copies of the Leopard update in mid-December, Apple has asked that its developer community test the release quite broadly. The latest build arrived without exception, maintaining a list of thirty seven core focus areas that swapped out an emphasis on 802.11 wireless testing for that of Active Directory. (link)

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