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Imation Shipping SSD upgrade kits

imation_ssdThinking up upgrading that crusty old hard drive? Imation has started shipping M-Class and S-Class Solid State Drives bundled in an upgrade package. Either for 3.5″ and 2.5″ for those on the go with their laptops. In addition to the expected fast performance and energy efficiency the units look pretty slick too. The upgrade kits offer a way to up performance without having to buy a completely new system. If you’re interested check out the Imation site.
Press Release

SP3 for XP released

On Monday, Microsoft released to manufacturers (RTM) the final code for Windows XP SP3. The upgrade provides support for WPA2 and the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) used in Windows Vista, among other things. The public version will be available for download via the Web on April 29. Based on our initial installation, the upgrade will be effortless for most Windows XP users.

The last Service Pack for Windows XP, SP2, was released in August 2004. The initial release took some users all night to download and install. The company pushed back the initial public release from June 2004 originally. Despite numerous glitches still present in the code, Windows XP SP2 was formally made public on August 20, 2004, and Microsoft had to work hard to convince users to upgrade. (link)

Vista prices cut, but many stick with XP anyways

For those in the U.S., Microsoft is cutting prices only on the higher-end versions of Vista, and only for the upgrade version used to move from an earlier copy of Vista. The suggested price for Vista Ultimate drops to $219 from $299, while Home Premium falls to $129, from $159.

Other developed markets will also see price cuts, while in emerging markets, Microsoft is eliminating the distinction between full and upgrade versions of Home Basic and Home Premium as it attempts to convince more users there to use genuine software.

Analysts were surprised by Microsoft’s move.

“I can’t remember a big price cut like this,” said analyst Chris Swenson, who tracks retail software sales for NPD Group. “It’s very unheard of.”

Microsoft finalized Windows Vista in late 2006, but held back its retail launch of the product until January 2007. It has sold more than 100 million copies, largely on the back of a strong overall PC market, but retail sales have significantly trailed those of XP in its early days and Vista has received a number of critical reviews. (link)

RIM: oopsie, we upgraded to Vista and it’s still a little buggy

A recent upgrade to the BlackBerry wireless system seems to have been the cause of a three-hour service disruption affecting millions of users in North America, its maker said on Tuesday.Research in Motion said the routine upgrade was part of its efforts to increase system capacity for anticipated growth. An early investigation of Monday’s outage points to “a problem with an internal data routing system” that had been recently upgraded, the Waterloo, Ont. company said in a statement.

“The upgrade was part of RIM’s routine and ongoing efforts to increase overall capacity for longer term growth,” the company said. (link)

No more “beta” tag

After a trickle of updates and “betas” bearing the Windows Live moniker, Microsoft Corp. is ready to start promoting its official package of free desktop programs for e-mail, instant messaging, blogging and sharing photos. The programs are “essentially a free upgrade for Windows,” said Brian Hall, general manager of Windows Live at Microsoft.

The package includes Windows Live Mail, which can grab messages from multiple free web-based e-mail accounts, including Microsoft’s Hotmail, Google Inc.’s Gmail and AOL e-mail. The new package, to launch Tuesday, allows PC users to read and respond to mail even when they’re not online, just as Outlook Express, which Microsoft has phased out, did.


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