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Kingston says “FIRST”

What do you get for the person who just picked up the LaCie 2big USB 3.0 NAS and seemingly has everything? How about a Kingston USB 3.0 flash drive? The styling’s a bit bland (*cough, UGLY!) but it’s way better than your regular USB 2.0 flash drive. 80MB a second read speed and write speeds of up to 60MB a second. It also comes with a compatible cable for those computer ports with USB 2.0, sooo last month. Well, everyone can’t be as trendy as you now can they? Comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB flavors. Ooh, with a lanyard to boot! Warranty is 5 years, let’s hope you don’t lose it before then.

Need More Storage?

LaCie knows what you’re thinking, “I need more, faster storage”. Here’s your answer. Up to 4 TB of RAID storage in a LaCie external casing, but that’s not all. Instead of the boring (and slow) USB 2.0, this one’s got a fresh USB 3.0 interface for fast and speedy data transfer. Approx 205 MB per second transfer rate, now that’s fast. Configurable for RAID 0 or RAID 1 for added data protection. It’s got a 3 year warranty by the way. Added heat sink to keep things cool but I’d prefer to see something with a fan in my opinion. Prices start at $350.

Gadget: LaCie MosKeyto

Continuing in the naming tradition of “key” LaCie introduces you to the MosKeyto. However this is not the buzzing annoying variety. This tiny USB storage device is for those computers or laptops that just need a bit of extra storage space. Plug it in and you will hardly notice it. 4GB for $18 and 8GB for $28. Judging by the design the only thing that might be annoying about it will be trying to unplug it from your computer.

My itsakey is jealous.

Drop Hard Drives Much?

Here’s a product from A-Data Technology for those of you who are clumsy bastards. Drop proof (up to 1.2 meters) and water proof (up to 30 minutes of 1 meter depth), because when you drop your stuff it always hovers around that 1 meter mark, right? Otherwise you are just plain SOL. Hmm, I wonder what happens to the drive when idiots immediately plug in the drive after dunking it into water? Wet cable/connectors, add a bit of USB power and *poof, hard drive gets shorted out. But of course nobody’s that stupid right? I mean who drops their hard drive with precious data into a lake that’s only 1 meter deep then proceeds to plug it in immediately?

However, just in case “a laboratory certification which we do not guarantee that hard drive device, data, and housing would not be damaged with the usage at any condition or environment. Please do not drop, smash or splash on this product on purpose.” (last 2 sentences on the page) So much for independent testing. Guess I won’t buy one then.

This USB will self destruct in 5 seconds …

If this doesn’t lock up government contracts, I don’t know what will. Ironkey has raised the bar when it comes to confidential data on USB flash drives. Their latest offering comes well protected in a metal casing that’s waterproof, tamper proof, and any other “proof” you can think of. Hardware encryption, optional virus/malware scanner, remote access and auto self destruct.

Wait, what?

Self destruct? As in blow it’s self up? Um, no. I’m guessing a built in self secure wipe chip built on to the circuit board. Although, I’m sure the “high ups” asked if that was an option. Hey, it’s even got Mac support … LOL. Ok, seriously, what soldier in the field, in his right mind uses a Mac?

“I’ve got the intel right here … on my Macbook” soldier #1
“What? How are we going to transfer to the data to my Vista laptop?” soldier #2
“err, no problem. Let’s visit the nearest Apple store! They can transfer the data, no problem!” soldier #1

Um, yeah. Good luck with that. Seriously though. Nobody in the field, uses a frickin Mac. The only Apple products dodging bullets is maybe an iPod.

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