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Chicken or Egg?

Is Facebook creating a generation of narcissistic self promoters? Or is it simply enabling them by providing them a platform on which to broadcast? Which came first? A York University study concluded that the majority of Facebook users are narcissistic. In addition had, low self esteem, and used the social network to promote themselves. Perhaps to make themselves feel better. Males tended to describe themselves in their “about me” section while women used their photo album to attract onlookers (ITS A TRAP!). So guys, don’t believe the pictures, probably been -shopped. It’s a wide brush to paint 16 million Canadian users by but if you spend anytime on the network you would have to generally agree. Hey, at least we’re not on MySpace amiright?!

So what’s your friend count at?

Iphone users sucking up all the 3G?

An interesting article here points out some very interesting numbers about the iPhone, their users, and the drain on AT&T’s 3G network. Which makes me wonder whether this whole idea of iPhone exclusivity was a detriment to the service provider. On the one hand you’re revenue stream is almost guaranteed for the next few years. On the other hand it’s also a guarantee that your 3G service will be limited, expect service outages. It’s no secret the many disgruntled iPhone users in the U.S. are unhappy with AT&T. But how much of that is to be blamed on the network and how much is to be blamed on the user? Is it unreasonable that the average iPhone user suck up 10 times the 3G bandwidth than the average 3G subscriber?

Perhaps it’s time to lay off the tweets, hmm? You don’t NEED to check your email every 5 minutes. The 3G pipe intended to serve all users has been used up by thirsty iPhone users. The other argument could be made that AT&T was not prepared for the deal it made with Apple and that the pipe should be bigger to begin with. However that takes a whole lot of money invested in infrastructure. Money which AT&T has been slow to recoup from 3G data plans. Plus Apple getting cut as well doesn’t help.

Spreading out the load over several service providers might make a difference but it still does not solve the excessive 3G usage problem. Just save some 3G for me will ya?

Make sure to use your ‘real’ name on MySpace

Recently Lori Drew was charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for signing up for a MySpace account under a fake name. While the larger circumstances were quite shocking (and have been covered enough I don’t think I need to go into them), she was charged for nothing more than pretending to be someone else on the Internet. The indictment calls this a felony, under title 130 section (a) (2) (c) of the US Code, which criminalizes anyone who “intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access, and thereby obtains information from any protected computer if the conduct involved an interstate or foreign communication.” The access to MySpace was unauthorized because using a fake name violated the terms of service. The information from a “protected computer” was the profiles of other MySpace users.

If this is found to be a valid interpretation of the law, it’s really quite frightening. If you violate the Terms of Service of a website, you can be charged with hacking. That’s an astounding concept. Does this mean that everyone who uses Bugmenot could be prosecuted? Also, this isn’t a minor crime, it’s a felony punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment per count. In Drew’s case she was charged with three counts for accessing MySpace on three different occasions. (link)

(excuse me while I delete a few MySpace accounts…)

Twitter’s Terms of Service causing a storm

Microblogging/social messaging service Twitter has become the center of a new debate about online harassment and what services’ responsibilities are the protect their users. What started out as the fairly run-of-the-mill harassment of a female user has turned into a much larger controversy over terms of service, the definition of a community, and what protections the site might have under the law.

The sequence of events began like this: Ariel Waldman, now community manager for Twitter competitor Pownce (but was apparently not in this position when the issue began) became the subject of what she characterizes as harassing “tweets” (140-character messages sent to the service, usually broadcast to the public) last June containing her full name, e-mail address, and disturbing comments. At that time, she reported it to Twitter’s community manager, who subsequently removed the offending user’s updates. (ArsTechnica)

McAfee warns of fake MP3s

Detection of a trojan named Downloader-UA.h was added to the McAfee DAT files several days ago. Since that time more than 360,000 McAfee VirusScan Online users have reported detections, a whopping 32% of those reporting in the past 24 hours alone. Now Downloader-UA.h is not your everyday trojan, this detection covers fake music and video files associated with

When a user attempts to load one of these MP3 and MPG files, they don’t get the music/video they were hoping for; instead they’re directed to download a file named PLAY_MP3.exe. In fact, the MP3/MPG file they downloaded was completely fake, playing no media clip what so ever.

Here are some of the samples names that we’ve seen. Many many other file names are surely floating around on P2P networks. File sizes vary as these files are padded with nulls. (link)

Intel touting new laptop security technology

Laptop theft can affect users in more than one way. Not only do you lose your (undoubtedly not cheap) portable computer, you also lose all of the data on it. Of course, backing up ensures that it’s not actually lost to you, but what about the person who has the laptop? Your electronic tax returns, embarrassing videos of yourself singing and dancing to N’Sync songs, and salacious e-mails are all somewhere out there, out of your control. (I once came into the possession of a laptop that was lost at O’Hare and never claimed, and found all sorts of e-mails on it from the owner who apparently cheated on his wife whenever he traveled. True story.)

Intel hopes to reduce that level of embarrassment (and more importantly, identity theft) by introducing Intel Anti-Theft Technology (ATT) later this year. The technology would involve placing a chip in the machine that would prevent it from booting without the owner’s permission, Intel Mobility Group chief Dadi Perlmutter told The Register, although he declined to go into much more detail. He also indicated that ATT might one day incorporate tracking technology so that users might eventually be able to get their hardware back. (link)

Safari “illegal” on Windows?! Fine! I didn’t want it anyways!

It’s being widely reported this morning that Safari on Windows is “illegal.” This is completely false, but we understand why outlets are reporting this.

Apple has confirmed that the license for Safari contains a mistake, asking Windows users to agree to something that virtually all of them can’t: they agree only to run Safari for Windows on an Apple-made computer. From the license:

2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions.
A. This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time.

(Emphasis has been added.) The only way to comply with this would be to run Safari on Windows through either Boot Camp or something like VMWareFusion, on a Mac. Anyone else would appear to be in violation of the agreement, but Apple can’t be serious. In fact, they aren’t, and anyone reporting on this could have picked up the phone and found that out. (link)

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