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Virus not so harmless

While most viruses and worms are disruptive and generally not malicious a recent discovery may change your opinion. A highly targeted worm dubbed “”Stuxnet” has been the subject of particular interest for many in the security industry. This specific virus was set to disrupt and damage Iran’s nuclear infrastructure potentially causing a world disaster. It was set to automatically launch its payload upon detecting Siemens hardware and overload the system. The unaware operator would not be any wiser that the system had become infected. Patches have already been developed and deployed by Microsoft engineers. It would seem this worm was a one shot deal, but who knows about the next one.

Stuxnet ravaging Iran computers

Latest virus targets corporate America

Check your email box lately? Perhaps you saw something with “Here you have” in the subject line. Many employees at big name companies did as well. In a seemingly targeted attack, Comcast, ABC and Coca-Cola and others received the peculiar email. So tempting that many simply clicked the attachment and unknowingly installed the virus. The virus reportedly spreads using the victims address book and then attempts to steal passwords. McAfee Labs has been investigating the latest virus and released an update. The originating email address are no longer active and the attacks have since moved on as quickly as they started. So please do not click on any attachments in any emails you receive, and if you absolutely have to, save the file and scan it before opening or running it.

Which Malware software is best?

Here’s an interesting post from Arstechnica regarding malware software. Go ahead, check out where your anti malware software ranked. Personally I currently use AVAST and have used AVG, and McAfee in the past. The biggest reason for using the aforementioned software would be … free. I stopped using McAfee in part for the large amount of system resources required to run it. I liked it but it just was a memory hog. AVG was next, it too was good in the beginning, then it slowly started to take over bigger portions of my system. Installing stupid toolbars, changing my default search, forcing me to use their built in firewall program, etc. I got sick of it. Which brings me to AVAST. So far so good. As you can see it’s not the top software on the list but at least it’s on the list.

Free AVG Download

When to use free software

Who doesn’t like free stuff? While there’s no shortage or free software available there’s plenty to be wary of. If it’s from a major software company then it’s probably trustworthy. And when in doubt, there’s always Google. Do a search and see what people say. Undoubtedly there will be crapware that comes along with “free” software, but that’s just the price you pay for “free” software. Be prepared to spammed on a regular basis about the benefits of upgrading to the paid version.

By all accounts DO NOT click on those popup ads which claim to have detected a virus on your computer. Those type of tactics will most certainly install some sort of malicious program on to your computer. *tsk *tsk those pesky cyber criminals just keep getting more clever every day.

It you do have to test out some questionable software, don’t install it on your main computer. Set up a stand alone box, disconnected from the network and Internet and go nuts. Don’t forget to scan easy install file before running it. When you’re done with it, uninstall it. It may not be malicious now, but there’s no telling what it will do next week.

Botnets take control of Macs

Did you happen to download that pirated copy of iWork ’09? No? Then why are you spamming me with your ads for viagra and cialis? A couple of malware programs, OSX.Iservice and OSX.Iservice.B, have proven successful in obtaining passwords to take control of seemingly innocent Macs. Welcome to the party. Reportedly its the first serious attempt at creating an Apple-centric botnet and it’s picking up steam. It’s still early but the code appears to be fairly flexible for future modifications. I guess this won’t be the end of virus and malware programs for Macs. In the meantime, stop downloading torrents and just buy legit software already! (link)

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