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Largest … for now

Is the WD 3 TB hard drive the largest? Yes, for now at least. 2 terabytes is sooo last year, hurry up and upgrade already. This bad boy has 750GB of storage per platter and will be available for around $240 (street price may vary). It’s from the Western Digital Green series of hard drives so it’s environment friendly, low power consumption, blah blah blah. The flip side is that it will probably be slower than say the Blue series or Black so be aware. Let’s wait and see what Seagate comes up with in a month or so.

New WD drives

Whatever the design team is getting paid Western Digital is getting their money’s worth. Check out the latest externals WD is hawking. The lcd has been implemented in some of their external drives as of late but the porting to the Passport lineup is a step in the right direction. The info is certainly helpful for the lazy (me <–). Next up? Larger lcds with preview features? Now that would be really cool.
Damn, those drives look sexy!

Freeing up hard drive space

Perhaps advanced formatting is the way to go. Think of the amount of additional space existing enterprises could free up WD’s advanced formatting. Larger blocks, less sector gaps could make a hard drive work more efficiently. One thing you can do right now is increase the size of the sector blocks to reduce the number of sector gaps. WD’s spin on this may prove to be a godsend for companies starving for hard drive space. It’s all a part of the green strategy. More efficient data storage means less hard drives and a smaller carbon footprint.

Now There’s a Good reason to buy the WD Elite

Let’s face it, who needs extra connections? Blah. The electronic display on new WD external elite models are reason enough to spend the extra money on these drives. Other than the flashy “elite” name there are some useful options with it. The label helps distinguish which drive contain what data, plus gives you a rough estimate of how space is available. Things that are the same: shape, automatic backup software, hardware based encryption, warranty, and Western Digital’s green technology.

USB 2.0? Come on already. Hello? USB 3.0? Heck even eSATA would be appreciated. If I’m paying a premium for the brand name it should have firewire. FYI Mac users will need to reformat the drive to work optimally with their hardware. FAT32 just doesn’t cut it. A nice aluminum or metal casing would look fantastic, albeit more expensive, would probably do wonders for the failure rate. Plastic is not great when it comes to heat dissipation.

Hmm, I wonder how much a label machine costs? I’m always mixing up my music and porn drives…

Here we go again …

Who’s got the bigger … notebook hard drive? I guess Western Digital has beaten the others to the punch. Enter 1 TB of storage goodness in a 2.5″ platform. Whaaat?! I’m still using a lowly 500GB in my desktop beast an now WD has come out with something even larger for my notebook? Perhaps it IS time to upgrade. I’ve barely filled up half of my 80GB laptop hard drive and along comes something to tempt my wallet. Shame on WD for trying to put me in the poor house with their lineup of storage solutions! I guess the only thing left is to wait for Seagate to come out with their version … and run out and buy it. 😉

Western Digital buys Silicon Systems

Well hello there! It looks like Western Digital thinks solid state drives are worth investing in. Silicon Systems just got snapped up by WD for $65 million. It seems for a little while SSD technology has been searching for something … a legitimate place amongst the big boys when it came to data storage. I think this purchase makes a good case for the technology hitting mainstream with a bigger push. But rather than just a re-branded Silicon Systems solid state drive, I’d prefer to see Western Digital integrate the technology into their existing research and development. I’d like to see some innovative approach seeing how WD has the resources to do it.

So does this acquisistion put pressure on Seagate to make a purchase as well? I think if you see a Western Digital SSD sitting next to a lesser known brand at the store, you’re going to stick with WD. It certainly sets the bar for other companies looking to sell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seagate make a similar purchase or announce that their brand of SSD’s to be shipping soon.

Maybe it’s time to buy that 1 TB now …

Can you hear that? It’s opportunity knocking. Seagate is dealing with it’s firmware disaster bricking their hard drives and a sever distrust has been building for awhile against their brand. I’m sure many consumers are switching to Western Digital because of the negative PR. Here’s another reason to switch. 2 terabytes of storage goodness. No, not 2 hard drives in a raid enclosure. A single 3.5″ drive and 4 platters with 400Gb per square inch in storage density. 32 MB cache and did I mention that it’s green technology? MRSP $299US.

Hmm, maybe it’s time to buy a new drive. Are there any cheap non bricked Seagate 1 TB’s for sale?

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